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Is it possible to use Evernote in a similar way to Reference Manager, Endnote etc. I have a huge collection of science related pdfs which need to have metadata attached - eg journal, year, issue, volume, author etc. There is a iphone/ ipad app called 'Papers' which sounds good and I have also heard of a program called 'Bookends' for Mac. I have all my pdfs in Evernote and would like the functionality offered by these other programs, rather than shift all the files over?

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A note may contain text and other content in addition to the PDF, so you could type your metadata into the content of the note outside of the PDF. Then you could search for individual words and phrases from your data.

This isn't "structured" into specific fields, but may let you add what you want.

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Support for endnote is something I would find incredibly useful. This would mean I could keep my PDFs of papers in Evernote and also the summaries I create within Evernote (rather than Word documents within Evernote) - if the fields EndNote created worked within Evernote.

Is there any way to vote for a feature? Can I supply anything to help with the implementation?


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If you can extract the metadata from any external application and save it into Evernote along with the related document file, you could maintain a huge library of information. Presumably though these applications have specialist features which go beyond simply finding and filing information. While it might be possible to do some additional operations within Evernote using its standard tools, I'd be very much against (over)complicating the current software with additional bells and whistles for this, or any other purpose.

If Evernote will do a job as is, or the job can reasonably be amended so as to be doable with Evernote, take a business decision whether to use application-specific software or Evernote and get on with your life. Once you start to need extra features or compatibility you need to look at existing software, or writing specific applications using the Evernote API to take advantage of the database and search routines. If your application works, you can ask EN to add it to the Trunk and make some money from your investment of time, effort and expertise!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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