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link not active in shared note, support not easy access, nor on weekends eves too



i have a premium acct
also have app installed on android phone and tablet
neither on web, nor on app do url links of articles saved 'shared' to my evernote notebook work as active link
if going to 'help' search, if you search for 'search by date' nothing relevant shows up 
am signed into my acct on web (chrome, win 10) and no place to readily create a support ticket or chat with someone instead sent to forums, separate sign in reqd, lots of friction to get help, not user friendly 
if go to twitter told support is m-fri 9 to 5; old economy hours; not sufficient for a web company, where evernote earns revenue by providing service 7/24; not just m-fri 9to 5 ...cost of live chat not so expensive anymore to provide better support at least to prem customers 
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Hi.  The way to contact support if you're a paying subscriber is via the website at https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new,  or message them on Twitter via https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

I can't see anything about office hours on the Twitter page,  but I do know these guys used to work 7am-7pm PST and presumably still do unless they changed recently.  As a premium user you also get access to an online chat option,  on the same hours.

If you're sharing web clips to your Evernote account,  the source URL should be in the 'information' section of the note - under the " i " icon in the menu bar.

If you search the help forums for "search by date" you'll be sent to this page,  which tells you how (amongst other things) - How to use Evernote's advanced search syntax

And if you're sent here to the forums,  where other,  maybe more experienced users may be able to help,  you'll usually get a reasonably prompt and helpful reply if you give us enough information to go on.

Hope some of that helps...



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