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  1. appreciate tips how to set that day's date automatically be entered into daily templates such as 1) "daily recharge' 2) 'personal stress log' 3) "daily focus/energy tracker" 4) 'gratitude journal' and be able to save such 'dated' daily templates, so as to be able to search by topic, content, date to make it easier to detect patterns and progress (hopeful;y) - given todays covid stressed environment, would think such ability to create daily journal/diary type notes, that are easily searchable, etc would be helpful to many evernote users
  2. windows desktop ....tough to read title ...no ption to increase font size - not very considerate -
  3. i have a premium acct also have app installed on android phone and tablet neither on web, nor on app do url links of articles saved 'shared' to my evernote notebook work as active link if going to 'help' search, if you search for 'search by date' nothing relevant shows up am signed into my acct on web (chrome, win 10) and no place to readily create a support ticket or chat with someone instead sent to forums, separate sign in reqd, lots of friction to get help, not user friendly if go to twitter told support is m-fri 9 to 5; old economy hours; not
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