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Capital letters

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I keep my shopping list in Evernote.  When I type into Evernote on my phone, the lines begin with lower case letters unless I hit shift when I type them.  I LIKE THIS.  For some reason, when I type my list on my PC, every line begins with a capital letter, eg:




How can I stop these capital letters from starting every line on my PC?

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Hmm. I wish I could get Evernote to do this on my PC! I just tested making short lists, using plain text, bullets, numbers, and checkboxes, and none of them capitalizes the first letter of a new line.

I'd suggest quitting Evernote by using File > Exit (not the red X at the top right of the window, which doesn't shut it down completely). Restart, and see if it still does it. You might even try uninstalling Evernote from your PC and reinstalling it. Whatever is causing this, it's not the intended function.

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