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  1. I can't see how to disable it on my pc...how do you disable it? It loads up on start and sucks up my memory...don't need it.
  2. I would love to disable clipper. I don't need it and don't use it. Please consider adding this as an option.
  3. I wish there were a way to delete all previous modifications of a note. I edit my notes over and over as I use them to list errands. One note will have months of conflicting modifications attached. Please make an easy way to get rid of them.
  4. My icon disappeared the version before I'm running now, but I figured out a work around. But when I installed I could no longer even find a work around. When I run the program, I see the elephant in my tray...but the icon that sits in my tray so I can easily start the program is no longer an elephant. I have restarted my system many times since installation. My 70 year old eyes no longer work as well as they used to...so having that signature icon is a real help to me. I am running Windows 10 on my PC. Many thanks for helping me!
  5. I have this problem also. I want my elephant icon back. The change icon option is greyed out when I try to change it.
  6. I just upgraded today to version which I run on my pc running Windows 10. The install told me the files were being moved to a new location. Fine with me. For the first time, I can put an icon on my task bar but I cannot figure out how to change it to the famous Evernote elephant. Can someone please tell me how to get it to work.
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