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Workaround for problems with Exporting from Trash

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Emptying Trash is suggested as a cure for syncing problems.

However, there are those who want to keep 'trashed' notes available for later search. To keep that option available, one must either 1) move all 'trashed' notes to a new 'Ex-Trash' notebook or 2) export all trashed notes. (Restore' doesn't help here because that puts each note back in its original notebook rather than keep all 'trashed' notes together.)

But sometimes the 'Move' runs into the problem when the 'Move to Notebook' button is dimmed; or the 'Export' either issues an error dialog or a dialog indicating all selected notes were exported when in fact no notes were exported.

Possible workarounds for these 'Move to notebook' or 'Export' from Trash problems:

  • Sign out of the account and back in.
  • Or select a smaller set of notes and Move (to an 'Ex-Trash notebook) or Export. (If the problem recurs, select a still smaller set. Problems with a multiple note selection might disappear when notes are selected individually.) 
    • Repeat until larger sets of notes can be successfully moved or exported.
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Hi.  Thanks for the tip.

The fix for sync issues is occasionally to empty (ie delete) the trash notebook content - that's where all the old notes go to die,  after all. 

If one or more notes are required back in the main database,  one or many can be selected and (on a desktop) right-click / restored to the original notebook(s).

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Some of us want to occasionally restore a file from Trash. We don't want to empty Trash. We want notes stored there until we delete them from Trash.

To fix sync issues, we need to first export or restore from Trash.

The above addresses issues confronted -- like failure to export properly or Move to Notebook being dimmed -- when trying to export or restore (possibly en route to export) prior to emptying Trash.

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Right. To clarify for others: restoring notes to their original notebooks loses any indicator that the files had been in Trash. 

The idea for us 'Trash-Keepers' is that, if we're forced to Empty Trash to fix sync, we want to move those files as a collection together somewhere (to an 'Ex-Trash' notebook or exported) rather than have each note separately restored to original notebooks. In the former case, one can move them back to real Trash after the sync hiccup.

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