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Automatically include 'Likes' of original post in Votes



As it stands, for threads where the Voting mechanism is in effect, readers can 'Like' the originating post without their 'Likes' being counted as Votes. An example is here, where several new forum participants did not realize their Likes did not count.

Including Likes for originating posts automatically as part of the Vote count will avoid this miscounting and give EN staff and forum users a better idea of idea popularity.

This mechanism should be applied to all existing threads where the Voting mechanism is in effect.

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I was just playing with you.

I responded earlier that "everything counts".  I should also have pointed out that it's not the only factor

Once you get some votes, your request is added to Evernote's list, and they get to decide if it's to be implemented.

Evernote has to juggle many factors, and I don't think it's that important if a request has 50 or 200 votes.  Evernote will do what they do

It is important that user's have a voice and a mechanism to support feature requests.  I'm satisfied these forums serve this purpose 

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For others reading this, I messaged @DTLow privately:


Appreciate the 'Like' -- in that spirit, …

would [you] be so kind as to Vote for it;)

Good to be working through these (in my view) higher-level issues.

And the above is the response.

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