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all my scans are gone


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So I've been using scannable for a while and was pretty happy with it until...

i got nervous that my scans arent getting backed up to anywhere so i figured i'll make an evernote account and have my scans saved there.

so i did.

now ALL of my previous scans are gone. just disappeared completely.

i am freaking out.

please please please tell me that they are still somewhere!


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initially i didnt save scans to evernote. the problem started after i logged into my evernote account so it would be saved. its as if once i signed in, it cleared all my previous scans.


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Did you check on Evernote.com to see what (if anything) is there?

I don't see how installing a new app could remove saved scans,  but if they are not on your device,  and not on Evernote.com,  I don't know how you would be able to recover them.

You could  contact support directly if you can,  or message them on Twitter - but sadly,  I don't think they'll be able to assist either.. :(

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Tonight the same thing happened to me, opening Scannable it behaves as thought it is the first time the app was opened, the wings flap. Today I did scans, in there were other scans in Recent. Tonight I went to retrieve the Recent scans in Scannable for sharing with others, now all my scans in Recent are gone. Last year, 2016, this same thing occurred Scannable lost all my Recent scans. Yes, the scans are in my Evernote, however I expected to see them in Scannable Recent as well.

In Settings > Advanced, it reads, "Save completed and deleted scans on this device for 7 days." Sometimes Scannable removes them well before 7 days. This is becoming frustrating.

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Hi gazumped,

Yes, yesterday I turned in a incident report; ticket #1994149. Being as scans are device specific, they cannot be retrieved from other devices. In the past I used to scan then later send them to Evernote; learned my lesson on that. Now after the scan immediately they are saved to Evernote. Still, they should not be removed from Recent.

In Advanced settings it reads "Recents, save completed and deleted scans on this device for 7 days"; my last scan was removed in day. Turn it off scans are sent to Evernote then deleted from Scannable; mine was on.

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