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  1. Please allow me a correction where you stated "...Exactly, I used to follow Phil anxiously to check out what new partnerships..." Truly it should read "...used to eagerly follow Phil..." Why eager, return to your Latin class, anxious is a negative as in fear and dread, something scary for the person, coming from the Latin word Angere meaning "to choke and strangle." Thus the correct word would be eager, a positive looking forward to something, whereas anxious is a negative as in dread, fear, trepidation, and the like. True, many folks use anxious not eager, my thinking is it is what they hear other people's incorrect use of anxious. Most of all folks rarely if ever use a dictionary for word meanings and etymology. It is my hope the aforementioned explanation helps you and others as well.
  2. Truly, having recent files appear on the screen is a privacy issue. Evernote must provide a way for removing those entries. We can delete shortcuts why not Recents? For this reason I have now moved to OneNote and though I prefer Evernote their refusal for providing us the ability for removing recents I refuse using Evernote. It is a security and privacy issue.
  3. From my Samsung Note 20 screen capture does work. Hold down the on/off and the column down button, screen shot every time. System data: One UI: 3.1 Android version: 11 Google Play system update: May 2, 2021 Sometimes on some financial sites I cannot capture a screen shot, with Evernote screen shots work as expected.
  4. Almost from the beginning of Evernote I have been a user and paid user as well. All those years I have been an extremely strong proponent for Evernote, helped many others setup Evernote, working with Evernote, and the like. Evernote's change with their backup is too much; backup 50 notes at a time only, someone is not right-bright. My subscription renews Jan 18, today auto renew is turned off. Another option is create folders in Google Drive or OneDrive similar to my Evernote setup. There I will be putting new documents, scans, and the like. At present my Evernote contains a gazillion docs and scans; yes I am a digital hoarder. Entering new docs, files, and scans, in folders on Google Drive or OneDrive is perfectly okay. Both Google Drive and OneDrive have excellent searching capabilities, and as for OCR look at this: OCR support on scanned documents is now available on the OneDrive mobile apps. Learn more here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-onedrive-blog/onedrive-roadmap-roundup-september-2019/ba-p/883866 Giving all this a good thought, the big advantage of having files removed from any note app is easier document sharing, manipulation, processing, backups, and the like. Completely agree, yes a note app absolutely does have benefits. Evernote and OneNote are much the same in different clothes, both excellent products, cost is the major differentiator. Regarding features OneNote does have more useful features as well. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-onedrive-blog/onedrive-roadmap-roundup-september-2019/ba-p/883866
  5. Using the new web and mobile interface as we choose a note the selected note (second column) is much too light gray. As we scroll through our list of notes it is difficult returning to the note in that list we are working on. In not the best lighting it is difficult. Okay, yes the note is open we are working on it can click on it, however clicking on it does not bring the center list to that note. Okay, you now want to open the note above or below it, the light gray center column makes it very difficult finding the note we are working on. In the middle column the chosen note should visually standout. Clicking on the note we are working on the middle list of notes should return to our working note. Give this a go, click on a note as though you are working on it, now in the middle column scroll through the list of notes, okay now attempt bringing the middle list back to the open note. In a word, frustrating. On the Web interface, when we often need to delete or move a note. The process is we must move the mouse to the upper right corner, click, choose our action. Imagine you are working on many notes, that process is laborious. Suggestion, look at Gmail interface, notice on each email in the list as we move our mouse over it four icons appear, moving the mouse a few millimeters we can as needed choose the appropriate icon not all the way across the screen accomplishing a task. With the above suggestions the UI of Evernote Web would be much easier and less frustrating.
  6. Hi CalS, Yes, I agree with you, the file can be opened, but not editable. It is more a PDF, image, and the like. Clicking on an Excel file I can see at the top the sheets, clicking on them displays the sheets, again not editable. In Evernote opening Apple Numbers the right side displays the individual tabs clicking on them displays the sheet, again not editable. Thus, I have leave my office type documents on the Cloud, as in Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, but not in Evernote. Thank you for your input.
  7. Hello Hervé M., Loose means something not tight. Loose for lose is a too common misspelling. Think lose, loss, lost, losing, all contain one o letter. Hope that helps you
  8. Hello DTLow, It is not a iOS limitation, more a Evernote limitation. My iOS devices are running iOS 13.3.1, using OneNote in iOS click the Excel file choose Open In Excel. Excel must be installed on the iOS device. That Excel file can be edited as one would on a computer.
  9. Hello DTLow, >On iOS though we can see our tags, we cannot rename nor delete them There is Manage Tags in user settings You can delete tags, but not rename We need to be able to delete, add and rename. Is the lack of that ability a iOS hit, or a Evernote hit? >>On iOS there is not a way to export our notes to a .enex There is a .enex export for single notes in the share menu Import also works; again for single notes The important words are “Single notes”. Most folks need to import export many more than single. We can both agree as good as Evernote is their iOS offering leaves too many features missing. Very much appreciate you adding to my comments. Thank you.
  10. Many of us work primarily from a tablet, I work from iPad. There are many usability features missing from iOS that makes using Evernote extremely inconvenient. On iOS though we can see our tags, we cannot rename nor delete them. On iOS there is not a way to export our notes to a .enex On iOS there is not a way to import a .enex Those three missing feature are a tablet user’s Evernote deal breaker. Being able to work around them we must get to a computer. Many road warriors gave up on desktop computers, and as their laptops give up the ghost they are moving to tablets. I know some that gave away their laptops preferring the convenience of a tablet. Evernote’s web UI is abysmal, sorely lacking in features. Come-on Evernote, you need to put much more effort for us tablet users. Be aware, Bear and OneNote now have extremely good Evernote .enex import ability.
  11. Yes, you are correct, on my part a poor choice of words. At the time I made my comment I was thinking of the Evernote backup file, .enex. Also, I have a plethora of iWork files as well, many Numbers and Pages files, only two Keynote. For the past few years most of the folks I correspond with switched to Google office suite, thus I have been working mostly in Google Docs, Sheets, a few Slides files. As for using MS Office, only when one sends me such a file, quite rare.
  12. Hi Carr1e, Please be aware with the following I am not dissing Evernote, just explaining why I am leaving. In the past I was an extreme Evernote supporter and assisted many folks wanting to use Evernote. Yes, you most definitely looked at many more systems and programs, than I . One that appears promising is Bear, however I think it is only available for Mac. As an aside my computer life began with a Commodore 64, C/PM, MS DOS, Windows, Apple. Oops, I am dating myself. A few years my eight year old MBP died, then I moved to use a Chromebook, looking to a new MBP.In an above post quote: "...But I can't because the new version doesn't have suggested searches or the ability to multi select notes, which ALSO makes managing and searching through many notes, notebooks and tags untenable...". unquote. This comment explains much of my frustration. After many years of using Evernote and paying for their service my decision is I want all my files, scans, and the like outside a note taking app such as Evernote, OneNote, and the like. Google Keep and Apple Notes are now my quick captures, they are much quicker, easier to work with, move around in, share, and manipulate than Evernote. At one time I had ten thousands plus notes in Evernote; wow on all my devices it was slow and had issues. Went through my notes pared them down to 1,300-ish important do not want to live without notes. Much of what I deleted can easily be searched for on the web equally as fast as launching Evernote searching my own notes. I am quitting being a digital hoarder.Those 1,300-ish notes were either converted to PDF or copied/pasted into Google Docs; yes much work. Counted 140-ish are in Google Keep with all copied to Apple Notes as well. Again, both apps are faster and easier to access my files than using Evernote. Using my smartphone all my scans go to Google Drive. Wow, these smartphone scanning apps are amazing, their quality is just as good as my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. Oh, for Mac users in the Finder (think Windows Explorer) we can tag files the same as Evernote. With this setup when there is need to send a file I can easily send it. With my iPhone using Google Keep capture a document it will be OCR'd, converted to text as well. With Apple Notes I can scan a form sign it then return it; easy-peasy lemon-squeeze. With my files removed from Evernote into Google Drive now I can easily move my files and folders, something I could not do with the Web version of Evernote. To Keep it simple I am using the directory structure in Google Drive, it is ever much easier than my struggles of late with Evernote on the Web. Using a Chromebook there is not a Evernote app you are pointed to Evernote on the Web. On my iPad and iPhone there is an app, but I have become quite frustrated with them. Old school is where I am going; files in folders I control. With all my file outside of Evernote I am better able to do what needs to be accomplished. Also, I do not have to concern myself about what will occur with the next Evernote update, UI change, and the like. Before Evernote the Cloud as a storage medium was not much of a viable option. Today the Cloud is amazing, so much so I neither need Evernote holding all my data in their container on my HDD/SSD, nor on their servers. Oh, I do not maintain any documents, images, videos, locally, everything is on the Cloud. Regardless of any tragedy that may befall my computers my files are safe. Yes, I could go on about this issue, but it would become quite boring; if the above is, I apologize. Again, I hope you find a solution that fits you well.
  13. Hi Carr1e, Truly I understand your frustration with Evernote. Since the beginning of Evernote I have been a paid member, that will end at the end of this subscription, January 2018. Though Evernote has been a outstanding program it appears to be going down hill; feature bloat and instability, web version is exceedingly lacking. It has caused me so much frustration that the past week, almost finished, I have migrated my documents out of Evernote. May sound crazy, my Evernote documents are now all in Google Drive and Google Keep, with a few in Apple Notes. There are upsides and downsides, yet accessing and sharing my documents makes my life already better. Yes, I will miss many of the Evernote features, however they can truly be left behind. My sanity is most important. With whatever you decide to do I wish your well.
  14. Similar issue. Combining notes, will this be fixed as well? With this new UI we cannot click multiple notes that means we cannot combine notes. Very frustrating, it would be wonderful if we have the option to revert to the previous UI. Nothing against new and improved, except we are missing functions we are accustom to using, and depend on using. Using web Evernote on Chromebook, Chrome OS update 2017-02-20, version 56.0.2924.101
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