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  1. select multiple notes in new web interface?

    Similar issue. Combining notes, will this be fixed as well? With this new UI we cannot click multiple notes that means we cannot combine notes. Very frustrating, it would be wonderful if we have the option to revert to the previous UI. Nothing against new and improved, except we are missing functions we are accustom to using, and depend on using. Using web Evernote on Chromebook, Chrome OS update 2017-02-20, version 56.0.2924.101
  2. @baldbrian, I also agree with you. Allow me to add to your request, I want to setup a default From: address as well. Scannable defaults to my @mac.com address, however I want it to default to my @gmail.com address.
  3. all my scans are gone

    Hi gazumped, Yes, yesterday I turned in a incident report; ticket #1994149. Being as scans are device specific, they cannot be retrieved from other devices. In the past I used to scan then later send them to Evernote; learned my lesson on that. Now after the scan immediately they are saved to Evernote. Still, they should not be removed from Recent. In Advanced settings it reads "Recents, save completed and deleted scans on this device for 7 days"; my last scan was removed in day. Turn it off scans are sent to Evernote then deleted from Scannable; mine was on.
  4. all my scans are gone

    Tonight the same thing happened to me, opening Scannable it behaves as thought it is the first time the app was opened, the wings flap. Today I did scans, in there were other scans in Recent. Tonight I went to retrieve the Recent scans in Scannable for sharing with others, now all my scans in Recent are gone. Last year, 2016, this same thing occurred Scannable lost all my Recent scans. Yes, the scans are in my Evernote, however I expected to see them in Scannable Recent as well. In Settings > Advanced, it reads, "Save completed and deleted scans on this device for 7 days." Sometimes Scannable removes them well before 7 days. This is becoming frustrating.
  5. Same here, mine showed 621 days. My thinking is we first must authenticate with our regular Evernote password, did that now all is good. Hope that helps you.
  6. Highlighting on IPhone 6

    Hello csihilling, For those using Evernote in a browser your tip is excellent. Browser version of Evernote does not provide highlighting. Text highlight on the iPad and iPhone will appear highlighted on the browser as well.
  7. Since iOS 10 update Scannable crashes upon launch and when using the app. Today, all my Recents were there, then I went to again use Scannable it asked me to log in. When I did all my Recents are gone. We have uninstalled and reinstalled Scannable, did not help the crashing. On a side note, Evernote syncs between devices, we want Scannable to do the same.
  8. With today's update I crossed my fingers hoping the circles were replaced. My choice to replace the circles with a galley list down the left side to chose from. These circles are a terrible choice, difficult to choose a note from, where a list would make it much easier. Very disappointed in this update.
  9. Check out the Scansnap iX100. http://scanners.fcpa.fujitsu.com/scansnap11/features_iX100.html
  10. ios Crashes and losing note content

    Point taken and well made. I had initially found myself also typing 'loosing' but corrected it. Sadly I missed the 'loose'. I ended up googling it as I couldn't decide if I was just going mad. Point taken and well made. I had initially found myself also typing 'loosing' but corrected it. Sadly I missed the 'loose'. I ended up googling it as I couldn't decide if I was just going mad. Hi DaveMC, I too fat finger words. When I get called on them I slap my forehead. Yes, there is a Perminent red spot and bruse. My excuse is dirty trifocals.
  11. mac Evernote for Mac 6.0.6 Beta 1 Released

    What about table creation and manipulation, are you addressing that as well?
  12. External Hard Drives

    Looking on the Evernote site for, auto import folder, here is a page with a number of hits: https://www.google.com/search?q=evernote+auto+import+folder+mac&rlz=1C9BKJA_enUS619US619&oq=evernote+outo+import+&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3&sourceid=chrome-mobile&espv=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en-US Hope there is something there to help you. Cordially, RicD
  13. Hi Jet1 Two thumbs up! Have fun. Cordially, RicD
  14. Hi Jet1, Sounds as though you have a good plan. Here are two items you my want to look at, one is a quick read the other a 4:37 YouTube video, both relate to Evernote tags. Doing so may give you a jump start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDMkYdPKA-o http://michaelhyatt.com/evernote-tags.html Cordially, RicD
  15. Hi Jet1, Thank you for your feedback, very glad it works for you. Here is a tip I received from someone else: create a notebook that begins with an exclamation mark, !. That will put it at the top of your notebook list. Mine is, !_Inbox. All new notes go there first, be they dragged, dropped, or ones I create in there. After doing any adjustments to the note I move it to my main folder, Ric files. Being as you are new to Evernote here allow me another suggestion: For my organization I prefer to use tags not folders. Why, a file can contain one or more tags, folders can become unwieldily especially when you realize your desire and need to have the same note in multiple folders (oh no, which folder contains the latest information, now I have to update that file in multiple folders). Yes, I have folders they are: !_Inbox Imported (created by Evernote)Penultimate (created by Penultimate a Evernote product)Ric files (this holds all my files)Skitch (created by Skitch a Evernote product)TrashWhen I want a file I search by tag(s), do not have to bang around in folders. When I did organized with folders I often forgot which folder the file was placed; often have a brain belch. For organizing your data here are many techniques. After many years with Evernote tags for me work best. Cordially,