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Duplicate Deletion feature



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A different perspective - I've got 40,000 notes in Evernote over the past 8 years.

It might be an interesting exercise to see if I have any dupes, but I would never want Evernote to delete anything automatically. 

There are several flexible search features in Evernote that could help me look for duplicate notes. For example, run a search for notes created in the past few weeks with  "created:month-1", then sort by Title, and scan down the titles looking for dupes.  There are other search methods that will widen or narrow the number of notes to review. 

Since Evernote has already indexed all my notes, the programming for a personal account de-dupe feature might be feasible. But my gut feeling is the user demand is too small to warrant creating the option. However, Evernote will see your suggestion.



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