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Evernote dictionary location

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I am getting a new laptop and would like to somehow restore my dictionary to the new laptop.  I assume that Evernote for Windows has a separate dictionary.  Is that true?  If yes, where is it located?  I assume I could copy it to a flash drive and copy to the same location in the new laptop.

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I actually don't know where the Windows dictionary is located.  There's a 'Dict' folder in the Evernote installation* - you could set Evernote up on your new device and copy that folder from your old desktop over to the new one.  Just in case this is not a good idea (I've never done it) rename the newly installed folder to 'Dict.old' before adding the copy of the old one

* Open Evernote on your old device and sync manually.  Check you have no sync errors.

  • Go to Tools > Options > General to find the place where Evernote stores local files - currently,  usually - C:\Users\<yourname>\Evernote
  • Click the 'open databases folder' link and go 'up' one level.  (There's an up arrow to the left of the address bar)
  • copy the Dict folder to USB
  • Move to new device - presumably the same location.

Hope that helps..

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