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  1. LOL... This is discussion is a little stale now. When I started the thread, the spell checker sucked. A year and a half later, it works well for me.
  2. Reply to my own post above. Two things: I work for a company that creates products that are sold to business customers. We have stiff competition. Our company is doing well because our products are pretty good as evidenced by our annual sales, profits, and market share. I get a salary from the proceeds which helps me meet my personal and family commitments. If we fail to innovate, that all could change. So I have a personal motivation to listen to customers and do what I can do to keep our products competitive and our company profitable. It helps customers, helps the people in my c
  3. My plea to Evernote: Please give me a reason not to look around. I read the list in the original post and noted one reason not to consider Notion: "...how do you know Notion will be around tomorrow?" My first note in Evernote is dated 1/3/2009. I didn't think too hard about whether Evernote would be around "tomorrow". I loved the new idea that Evernote brought to the market and wanted to try it. That question is irrelevant to me at the moment as well. Here's what is making me look around. Evernote on Windows has barely changed in years. It is getting long in the tooth. Microsoft
  4. I read Ian's introductory blog this morning. He said he wanted to hear from customers. I couldn't find an easy way to pass along my feedback. Ian, I hope you'll read this. I think I'm one of your earliest users. My first note is dated 1/3/09. I was using a Mac at that time but switched to Windows, back to Mac, and back to Windows. For a while I used a Windows touchscreen laptop. I have Evernote installed on my iPhone and iPad. I've tried OneNote. Bleh... As I think about the apps that make the use of a computer worthwhile, there are just a few: a web browser, Microsoft Offi
  5. I don't notice any difference. The words I've "added to the dictionary" in the past still get a red underline when I add them to a note today. I've just gotten used to it I guess. Lately we've seen a lot of press about the exit of key executives and reduction in staff. I hold out no hope, to be honest. I read the current CEO's blog recently saying that all is well and they have a new "brand" and all that BS. Yes, the new green elephant on a white background really helps my productivity. All the pretty words in that blog that were ghost-written by a well-paid marketing consultan
  6. Thank you for the guidance. I'll give it a try. I had my laptop reimaged a few months back and had to install Evernote freshly at that point. So I don't have years of detritus to contend with. I set my preferences to my liking and it's always hard to remember exactly what I did. So reinstalling isn't for the faint of heart in a way. Maybe Evernote isn't struggling with the dictionary, but I'm struggling and it’s a pain in the backside.
  7. I looked in the obvious places before posting this. In my c:\Users\<user.\Evernote folder I do not have any folder with "Dict" or "Dictionary" in it. I used the Windows 10 search function to look for "user.dic" and it didn't find anything. I'm less concerned about backing up the custom dictionary and more concerned that after I right-click on a word and add it to the dictionary that the next day I don't have to do it all over again. I've recently started trying the beta versions in hope that some of the lingering Evernote issues will be fixed. The dictionary function was broken b
  8. I am constantly adding the same words to the dictionary. This was fixed once and now it's broken. Also, where is the custom dictionary stored? I would like to see what is in it.
  9. Thanks for telling me how to find the beta release. Now I have to think through whether I want to take a chance on it.
  10. I am using (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829). It is broken in this release, hence my question. I was told via someone in Support that it is working in the latest beta release.
  11. I wound up opening a ticket and getting very quick assistance. The person who helped me said that my issue was fixed in the latest beta ( I don't know where to find that and based on what you're saying above there is a 6.11.2 release?
  12. I noticed that words that I swore I had added to the dictionary were showing as not being remembered. So I looked in the dictionary file and sure enough, they are there. But the red underline appears anyway. Just updated to Windows version 6.11.2. Still happening. C'mon Evernote! This is basic stuff.
  13. I got a new laptop a couple of weeks ago and installed Evernote. All of a sudden the underline problem wasn't there anymore. Turns out a later release seems to have fixed it. I'm now on (306387) Public (CE Build ce-1.36.3494). I checked my old laptop and it wasn't on this release. For some reason Evernote didn't alert me even though my settings include auto-checking for updates. Anyway... Thanks for addressing this.
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