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I started a note using the Evernote widget to create a quick note. I then continued editing this note by going into the app. I locked my phone, and late when I unlocked it I found that the note wasn't yet synced, or maybe not saved. I pressed the tick icon (done option) and then looked for it in Evernote web. I can no longer find the note anywhere including on the device or in the Trash folder/notebook on Evernote web.

I don't have Evernote premium and believe this is required in order to raise a support ticket about the missing data. It feels weird that there is no support, not even for lost data when using the free version. Perhaps I need to find an alternative and more reliable note taking service.... or maybe this forum will be my saving grace :)


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Hi.  You can have similar problems editing a note from a web page. and the causes are the same.  Your note is held in temporary storage that is reliant on your local memory and internet connection to transfer to the server.  If anything interrupts sending the data to the server - a connection is lost,  or the device sleeps for a period...  Bad Things Will Happen.  And if Evernote didn't receive the data,  there's likely nothing to rescue.

The two workarounds are:  hit 'sync' every time you can,  or: use a third party text app which saves to your device to create longer content,  and attach a saved file to your note.

Contact Evernote by Twitter if you'd like @EvernoteHelps but I doubt they can assist.

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