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Why contains the SQLite DB all my Google Contacts ?

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i was just checking what Evernote does in the background and noticed that all the notes & data is written to a SQLite Database ( ofcourse without any security or encryption :) )

anyhow, i don't care as i'm the only one using that computer but i have a problem with the following:

That database contains a table "extUser_attr" which contains all my Google Contacts. Which means that You "evernote" has access to my contacts.... 

Now, my question is, why do they keep my contacts, is this compliant with the privacy ? and can they use this for marketing purposes as america has a "legal optin" which is diffenent than the "legal optout" in Europe. 

SQLite DB can be found on: %userprofile%\evernote\Databases\<username>.exb

Thanks for your reply



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Hi.  Evernote says:

Everything you put into Evernote is private by default. We are not a “big data” company and do not try to make money from your content. Our systems automatically analyze your data in order to power Evernote features, such as search and related notes, and to tell you about important features and products that we think will enhance your Evernote experience, but we never give or sell your content to any third party for advertising purposes.

More at https://evernote.com/legal/data-protection.php

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