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  1. Hi Support, I would like to mention a bug that annoyed me since the previous version. What is happening is, that i use alot the search function, and for some reason, this is working pretty anoying. There are 3 problems here: 1) . When i've a long searchterm, the application begins searching the notes while i'm still typing (nothing wrong with that) but wat is happeling as well is that it looses the focus on the searchbar, so when i'm typing in my searchbox i have to click again in my searchbox to set the focus back to the searchbox when my searching is not
  2. Hi, i was just checking what Evernote does in the background and noticed that all the notes & data is written to a SQLite Database ( ofcourse without any security or encryption ) anyhow, i don't care as i'm the only one using that computer but i have a problem with the following: That database contains a table "extUser_attr" which contains all my Google Contacts. Which means that You "evernote" has access to my contacts.... Now, my question is, why do they keep my contacts, is this compliant with the privacy ? and can they use this for marketing purposes as america h
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