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Outlook's Save to Evernote: Any way to save folder?

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I do not think this is possible but thought I would ask. When I Save to Evernote from Outlook, I'd like it to send some information about what Outlook folder it was in (perhaps assigning as a tag). Any way to do this? 

After I move to Evernote, I'll export the notebook as an ENEX file, save somewhere, and then remove from Evernote so it is not a security risk as my company is concerned about. But at least I'll have it.

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You can add a tag as you export it.

That said, if your company has such retention policies, there is probably a legal reason, and the last thing you want to happen is there to be a lawsuit or governmental investigation (audit, probe, etc) involving one of the subjects of these emails you are retaining beyond the 90 days. Minimally, that would get you fired. It could get worse.

If you cannot live with those policies, you should consider moving on. It is your employers data and they have the right to manage it as they want, as draconian as it may seem.

And yes, a company I left recently, one of the top reasons (top 3 reasons) were their user-hostile IT policies.

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