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Note destroyed via new evernote web



Hi, I just edited an existing note in Ubuntu 16.04.1 / Firefox, which I created on the Mac. Inserted a path and 2 small files. The result is that all the hierarchy was destroyed and I have a flat list now. I can't revert to a former edition, because evernote only saves states a few time per day. This is bad. I wanted to revert to the oder web version, but button removed. :-(

Is evernote web only fully functional on Chromium?

I went back to old the version, but after an upload via button, this time in Chromium, the note was destroyed again (!). Please fix.

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Hi.  I'm not understanding "the hierarchy was destroyed" - do you mean the path characters were changed to take out that information?  You may find that the 'code block' option allows you to insert the link,  but I don't know whether that would be a working link as such.  Also take a look at the Google integration for storing files - you can set up a hierarchy on Google Drive if that's required...

-Apologies if neither of those are relevant,  but I'm not sure what we're talking about here...

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Hi gazumped, thanks for the answer. I made a structured list, a protocol, and after inserting a xml-file only a flat list was left; I had to rebuild the hierarchy. The rest of the files I sent per mail and inserted them with the desktop app.

Best, Michael

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This is one of those conversations where you understand all of the words,  but not necessarily the order they're in coming at you...  (hey it's Saturday)  ;)

Don't think I can help on this one - hopefully someone with more skills will be along shortly!

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