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Navigate Back button/shortcut - anything in main evernote window

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How the hell do I navigate BACK (and forward, for that matter) in the main evernote window? I mean there were buttons for that before - now they're gone. I know there are buttons for that in the "note view", that is if I open a note in the separate window. BTW, why the **** would you hide them at any time for any reason? It took me ages until I spotted that they actually are there, but only show up, if you navigate to another note via a note link. Are you intentionally trying to make it more confusing and difficult to use your software? Anyway, most of the time I don't open notes in separate window, why would I? Why would I use 2 windows to find one note and have a quick glance at what I need? And that's even though I have a 3 monitor setup and quite enough of desktop space. I know many people may have different habits, but the point is mute here - navigation is a must.

There WERE navigation buttons before, I'm pretty sure I have not dreamt about using them for years before. Why the hell would you remove the most basic and essential part of any software - to navigate around your application? Is evernote moving towards a design with 1 single huge note that has everything in it? Because if (obviously) not, you need a way to navigate back and forth between the things that you have more than 1 of.

I am seriously baffled. I tried to be patient for months now, hoping it's another weird temporary problem, but enough is enough.

I would like, very much, to hear a reasonable explanation behind this. Because I can't help but feel, this is just plain ******* stupid.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I'm a paying customer for about 7 years. This is my first ever topic. Please, don't even start about me being harsh... I've been patient enough, and finally want to know a reason for at least one (of many many) stupid things evernote is doing...

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Not sure why you suffered for months without asking for help. Anyways...

  • Right-click on a toolbar button
  • Select Customize...
  • Draw the <> icon (left/right arrows) onto the toolbar
  • Dismiss the Customize dialog

You can also just use Alt+Left Arrow and Alt+Right Arrow (same as Chrome browser, and probably others)

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@jefito Ha, this is uncanny :) 

Like I said this is my 1st ever topic, but it is actually my 2nd time posting in the forums. The first time was 3.5 years ago in another persons topic, I complained then also, and who help back then?... @jefito 

All I can is repeat myself: dude, you deserve that "guru" tag :) Thanks again.

Although, it makes me ****in mad that the functionality was there all along and I didn't know it. Should I blame only myself or is there still some blame on how evernote is built? Well. I probably could have tried and combed through the help maybe. But can;t help but feel, that if you remove buttons from the UI you could let me know what happened after that update is installed, so I would't be left standing there with my pants down my ankles. I mean, with probably >100 of different peaces of software that I use how can I be up to date with the changes without help? Just common sense in user experience, imho. But, OK, this one is maybe mostly on me.

Which is actually not on me - and I am really pissed about - more than the buttons in the toolbar, is the shortcut keys. Please, tell me that I am not ****in mad or blind, and there actually is no mention of navigation shortcuts in the evernote options... Seriously, WTF?



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https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209004807 has some material on navigation shortcuts (findable in the online "Help" [a term I must use liberally WRT Evernote] by searching "shortcuts"). The navigation shortcuts are not configurable, hence not in the options. As for the toolbars, I find it's always worthwhile to click on any program's toolbar to see whether there are customization options. Helps keep my pants up off my ankles. :)

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@Dave-in-Decatur thanks for the link.

Heh, I'm trying... but this is getting pretty ****in ridiculous :D

No, but seriously, it's not funny and someone at Evernote SHOULD be fired, like right the **** now. And I am not kidding. If you're thinking, I'm over-reacting, lemme explain:

  • There are 95 keyboard shortcuts in Evernote, it seems
  • ONLY 5 of them can be changed. Because... reasons, apparently.

And wait for it...

  • The shortcuts that I was actually interested in - the navigate Back and Forward, aka: Alt+Left and Alt+Right... Are NOT on the f*cking list...

P.S. I no longer feel even a little bit of guilt for not going online and combing through help.

P.P.S. To Whom It May Concern at Evernote, I hope you guys are or gonna start paying these guru guys/gals on the forums.


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Really? Fired? Over this?

Just to gauge the level of your non-over-reaction, what percentage of the shortcut keys in some other programs you commonly use are reconfigurable?

OK, sorry for my over-reaction. A byproduct of having people swear at me when I'm trying to help them. For free.

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@Dave-in-Decatur funnily enough, while I was editting my post and adding the pps about them paying you, you wrote this :)

And I think it's obvious, that I was not swearing at you. Unless you are responsible for keeping the Evernote Help up to date.

I use Visual Studio and ReSharper daily. Nuff said. (edit): I use dozens of programs daily, like various IDEs, text editors or other types, like Kodi or Directory Opus or Chrome. That means using a ton of all kinds of shortcuts in all those programs on teh same daily basis. Without an option to actually change those shortcuts in all those programs to even try and keep some sanity and consistency - forget about it. No one could remember all those shortcuts in all those different programs. No one. That's why all, not-stupid, applications have an option to change those keyboard shortcuts. Not a 5 out of 95, just because. Please, let me have it, if I'm not making sense, and you think it is better to have to learn different key combinations for pretty much the same ***** on different programs. Imagine they decided to use some weird ***** shortcuts for copy/paste, and no option to change - is that still OK? I hope I made my point.

Not to piss you off even more, but I would actually like to hear the logical reasons if any, behind there being some essential keyboard shortcuts, that are still NOT on the list with all those 95 other shortcuts...

And please, like I said the only other time I was talking about evernote (those 3.5 years ago) - it is not a free open source project, or a small startup or whatever the hell other good reason to have this kind of ***** happening. Are they low on funds or people to keep the Help up-to-date? Please...

Once gain, they should ****in pay you for this *****, and for putting up with pissed off paying customers like me.

Let me be clear - I am bitching like an ***hole, yes I am, but **** me - you can clearly see that I have more than enough reason to do so.

(edit): I am using it evernote and paying for it for many years. All those years I am hoping it will actually become usable. It could and should have become really good - the best - many years ago, but it didn't. Period. the reasons are many. Ironically I have a note in evernote with all the things why evernote sucks, lol. it's filling up over the years quite nicely.

Once again, I am a paying user, have been for years. It's a second time time that I'm complaining about something, even though I could have many many more times over the years. If you can't handle this. Stop making ***** software or rather ***** dev or design decisions. Or stop charging people for it. Simple enough.

Once again, I did not curse at you, forum people, that help everyone for free. If you misunderstood - that's your mistake.

I do not pay money for the "privilege" to not complain or to not be pissed off at stupid things when they are called for. I posted this topic hoping to hear from the evernote support, actually. I still want to hear the reasons for these stupid things they make. Actually are there any evernote official support people here on the forums, ever? Or once again, they are not doing what they should, and support is left on the shoulders of the unpaid forum community?

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful, you guys are here and helping. But at the same time, it just pisses me off that they should be doing that - not you.

It is ridiculous, that so primitive of a program, like evernote should even have such a huge forum, so many posts and so many "gurus" helping so many people with so many problems and questions. I think that is a sign in itself of a big underlying problems with software and company itself. Period.

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1 hour ago, cryodream said:

it's not funny and someone at Evernote SHOULD be fired, like right the **** now. And I am not kidding.

Glad you're not my boss. Yes, I'm a software developer myself.

1 hour ago, cryodream said:

To Whom It May Concern at Evernote, I hope you guys are or gonna start paying these guru guys/gals on the forums.

It's really not necessary, and by the way, "Gurus" are only Gurus because of their post counts, not whether they're helpful are not (though most are). Myself, I like Evernote, use it every day in both my work and personal life,  and enjoy helping people to use it better in my spare time. This is a community of sorts, perhaps you've herd of them?

1 hour ago, cryodream said:

Once gain, they should ****in pay you for this *****, and for putting up with pissed off paying customers like me.

Actually, I don't have to put up with you at all. I can put you on Ignore any time, and be done with you. One less person to help you -- seemingly someone experienced with computers and software development -- to figure out how configurable toolbars work (you know, sorta like the ones in Visual Studio?). Good luck with all of that.

1 hour ago, cryodream said:

I am using it evernote and paying for it for many years. All those years I am hoping it will actually become usable.

If I didn't find Evernote usable, then it would have taken me a lot less time than seven years to find something else that worked for me.

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Yeeps. I'm checking out of this thread before it gets any warmer. @cryodream, if they paid me for this, I'd spend even more time on it than the too-much-time I already do! :D

I agree that EN's "Help" system seems random and not always obvious to search. I've seen much better done with far fewer resources. Of course, when I compare EN's Help to MS Office's Help, I have to say that EN has done much better with far fewer resources!

IMHO, based on what I see in these forums, Evernote seems to attract an unusually large number of people who take glitches in the software or help system very personally, or who appear to get carried away with anger over such problems. Again, IMHO; and how much anger is appropriate, or how much better loud or foul-mouthed posting really gets the attention of the paid support people, is a matter of opinion and personal style. I will confess to yelling at my software far more than really makes sense; I just don't do it in forums. Personal style. I want to quit yelling at it even in private, to tell you the truth. I just read elsewhere online, "Dostoevsky claimed that beauty will save the world. Perhaps peace of heart may do the same."

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@jefito no one's more glad that you're here doing your thing, that me, dude. You helped me 2/2 times :)

And you are right on all counts but the first, imho. There should be some responsibility and accountability in business, like for keeping the Help of the software up-to-date, no? I'm still interested why there are shortcuts missing from the list and how did YOU know about them? :)

On a sore point about me using evernote while being unhappy with it - I have tried tons of different apps and services over the years and use dozens of things now to compensate stuff, that I think evernote should have had added ages ago. For example, lately I feel, that I like using simple gists with gistbox more and more. Funnily enough it's free... As for evernote - all I have is only ~2k of notes in all those 7 years. That's the indication enough, imho, that I pretty much don't use it at all. Well, for a person like me, that is, with the number of notes and links I save on a daily basis...

I've been waiting for almost 3 years now, when the descriptive search will come from mac to windows client. 3 freaking years. I mean that's a search algorithm, and not something like creating an identical GUI on different platforms or something, although lately, even that wouldn't be such problem. How is that normal or in any way? Would like to hear reasons for that one too. And obviously the list could go on and on.

Anyway, thanks guys for your help.

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