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Web Clipper Wants Login But Buttons Not Working


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An iMac with 10.11.6, Safari 9.1.3, Evernote 6.9.2

This afternoon the web clipper started producing a dialog box wanting login, however the login button does not respond, even when the correct PW is added.

I tried the "Forgotten password" route, which gets me back to the Evernote site.

Uninstalled and reinstalled the web clipper, closed and restarted Safari and even rebooted the computer, but each time the same unresponsive dialog box comes back to grin at me.

Any ideas?

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Having similar problems with Clipper in Firefox 6.9.2.  My options look like this.  Annoyingly it was working fine until I tested a couple of queries about clipper and apparently broke it.  Can't log in,  though it saves to the correct account.  All menus have %%percentage%% delimiters.  Have uninstalled / reinstalled / restarted / cleared cookies..  now waiting for the next update.  :(

2016-09-23 Clipper 6.9.2 being released to Apple & Mozilla,  waiting for approval.




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Same problem (dialog box wants login, but login button does not respond).

Safari 10.0.1; macOS Sierra 10.12.1; Web Clipper 6.9.4 (from Safari extension gallery); Evernote 6.10; Premium 

Not sure if it's relevant, but I'm using 1Blocker, and have disabled all rules that block share widgets.

Works fine on Chrome and Firefox. 

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