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so local evernote is disabled when I hit monthly upload limit....


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Just when did this become a thing?

Hit monthly upload limit.  Whatever.

Create new note locally to put PDF in.  Drag pdf in.  Get "upper limit reached" popup.  Click 'not now".  Popup goes away, note stays blank.  Rinse, repeat, same outcome.

Turn off syncing, restart app.  Rinse, repeat, same outcome.

Not happy with this at all.  Highly unlikely to give Evernote any more money now since the likelihood is you will get the same behaviour with any account, free or paid once you hit the limits.

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Have a look at your upload allowance on your Account Summary page online - is it definitely over the top?  While you're there,  go to your notes via the web client and empty the Trash Notebook.  Back to the installed desktop client - are you showing any sync errors? (A red exclamation mark in the menu bar).  Empty the Trash Notebook there too.

Bad things do happen when you go over the upload limit,  but I've not known the account to completely lock up.  Worst case,  you could always start a new Basic account for the time being to hold your clips until the limit on the main account resets,  but lets try to get your account working again first...

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