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Does anyone else but me think the UI design in Evernote is truly abominable?


-- Fonts are generally very small, which limits legibility.

-- Color for fonts is low contrast, making it even harder to read.

-- Confused mess of sliding windows and overlay screens with no coherent design cues, model, or rationale.


For example: I know I have a note on an item, and I want to read it. So I do a search. Now, depending on where I am in the Ui I get a VERY different UI presentation of the search box. After entering a search term I get a list of matching items. Click on the note to view .. and...


It appears in an overlay window. Not the main notes window .. an overlay. Why? What good is this to me? if the only way I can view notes is in this restricted window, what is the rest of the UI for? I cannot find ANY way to simply use a search to filter the main set of notes by the search (like the desktop versions). I guessing there is a way, but good luck finding it.


Who thought this design was a good idea? What were they smoking at the time?


As far as I am concerned, the entire iPad UI is an exercise in frustration and utter amazement at the total lack of intelligence in the UI design. To be blunt, I hate it.






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The Evernote iOS UI design (iPhone and iPad) has been through many iterations, including several complete redesigns.


While I can stumble through the current design, I agree with most of your complaints.

I don't know, but it seems to me that the UI designers value cool, being new, trying something different far more than they value actual usability.  Just IMO as a frequent Evernote user.

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Thanks for your feedback.


We're currently exploring an improved iPad UI that takes better advantage of the screen size (keeping in mind the variations between the Mini and the regular iPad). We'll be testing them through various means before releasing the change to the public. If you're interested in joining our beta program to help make the app better, please send me your email address via the Messenger functionality within the forums.




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