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  1. Well, I think you miss the point a bit. Well, I think that I don't. Let's see: I would check out AppleScript support for interacting with the Evernote Mac client here: http://dev.evernote....hapters/Mac.php. It appears that you can trigger search queries from outside of Evernote. No, actually; I never said "supporting" one page, I said "pointing" to one page, a not insignificant difference. A link refers to one location only, what resides at that location may in turn ref to other locations. The fact that that page may load others is besides the point. The analogue in Evernote would be to lin
  2. Well, I think you miss the point a bit. The functionality I'm looking for is the ability to quickly open Evernote with a set of notes relevant to a specific project. Today, I can easily create an external Mac alias that (via a Note Link) opens EN with a specific note, but I'm looking for a quick way to do the same with a SET of notes. Tags and saved searches are a way to do from WITHIN evernote, but they dont provide a way to embed a "see this..." type of reference into EN from OUTSIDE the EN application. If the URL syntax supported the ability to reference a smart search then I could create a
  3. Hi, I like the "Note Link" feature of Evernote as it lets me add links to relevant notes in external documents and even aliases I store in project folders. But each Note Link is limited to linking to a *single* note. It would be GREAT if I could create a Note Link that linked to a SET of notes. Specifically, it would be great to allow the creation of Note Links (and hence external URLs) that referenced a saved search in Evernote. That way, I could create external links that referenced pretty much any set of notes I want. Why? Because often I mix stuff outside of Evernote with stuff within Ever
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