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  1. Does anyone else but me think the UI design in Evernote is truly abominable? -- Fonts are generally very small, which limits legibility. -- Color for fonts is low contrast, making it even harder to read. -- Confused mess of sliding windows and overlay screens with no coherent design cues, model, or rationale. For example: I know I have a note on an item, and I want to read it. So I do a search. Now, depending on where I am in the Ui I get a VERY different UI presentation of the search box. After entering a search term I get a list of matching items. Click on the note to view .. and... It appears in an overlay window. Not the main notes window .. an overlay. Why? What good is this to me? if the only way I can view notes is in this restricted window, what is the rest of the UI for? I cannot find ANY way to simply use a search to filter the main set of notes by the search (like the desktop versions). I guessing there is a way, but good luck finding it. Who thought this design was a good idea? What were they smoking at the time? As far as I am concerned, the entire iPad UI is an exercise in frustration and utter amazement at the total lack of intelligence in the UI design. To be blunt, I hate it. --Tim
  2. Well, I think you miss the point a bit. Well, I think that I don't. Let's see: I would check out AppleScript support for interacting with the Evernote Mac client here: http://dev.evernote....hapters/Mac.php. It appears that you can trigger search queries from outside of Evernote. No, actually; I never said "supporting" one page, I said "pointing" to one page, a not insignificant difference. A link refers to one location only, what resides at that location may in turn ref to other locations. The fact that that page may load others is besides the point. The analogue in Evernote would be to link to a note that contains note links to other notes. You link directly to the first thing, but only indirectly to the others. And you can do this in Evernote, today. I don't believe that you need links for this stuff. As you wish. I felt it would have made a valuable addition to Evernote and it's ability to link into many more workflows, rather than being an "island" app. And I won't debate the URL issue, I stand by my interpretation that an URL references a dataset, not a "page" (today many URLs are never expressed directly as pages as they yield data that is consumed elsewhere such as web services), so arguing from that to "Evernote doesnt need it" seems somewhat odd. --Tim
  3. Well, I think you miss the point a bit. The functionality I'm looking for is the ability to quickly open Evernote with a set of notes relevant to a specific project. Today, I can easily create an external Mac alias that (via a Note Link) opens EN with a specific note, but I'm looking for a quick way to do the same with a SET of notes. Tags and saved searches are a way to do from WITHIN evernote, but they dont provide a way to embed a "see this..." type of reference into EN from OUTSIDE the EN application. If the URL syntax supported the ability to reference a smart search then I could create a "see this stuff..." type link in any external app that supported URLs. As for URLs not supporting >1 page, I disagree: many many URLs reference datasets rather than single pages (think any number of URLs that embody a query or search), and that's all I'm suggesting for EN. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me. --Tim
  4. Hi, I like the "Note Link" feature of Evernote as it lets me add links to relevant notes in external documents and even aliases I store in project folders. But each Note Link is limited to linking to a *single* note. It would be GREAT if I could create a Note Link that linked to a SET of notes. Specifically, it would be great to allow the creation of Note Links (and hence external URLs) that referenced a saved search in Evernote. That way, I could create external links that referenced pretty much any set of notes I want. Why? Because often I mix stuff outside of Evernote with stuff within Evernote (external files, projects etc), and it would be nice to be able to easily have an alias I could click that would open EN and show me exactly the set of notes related to that project. Of course, I could create a notebook or tag for the project, but that's not quite as flexible as having an alias I can double-click that will gather just the right set of notes together. Thoughts anyone? --Tim
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