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mac Skitch for Mac shortened URLs temporarily unavailable

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All, we've identified an issue with our Skitch Mac client, which is no longer able to share short URLs. Bit.ly had a security breach and required all partners to change their API keys. Unfortunately in order to resolve this will require a software update that is forthcoming.


Users may encounter failure on the Skitch Mac app to generate the short URL, or URLs that do not work. For now, you can disable the short URL feature, under Sharing in Preferences. We're working on an update to the app that will resolve the issue, but have no immediate ETA on release.


Let us know below if you have any questions or concerns.

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This should be resolved--unpinning. Carry onward and upward!

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Same problem here after the 2.7.3 upgrade I'm NOT able to share any image anymore, please help!!


OS X Yosemite



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i get this error message, skitch worked for me a long while and still works sometimes.


I just found out that – if you disable the "Share Skitch Notes with short URLs" option you can keep sharing your images:




However to get the short URLs back we need Evernote to fix this bug for us: Evernote are you listening?

Maybe it could be a good idea to let users choose between two or three shortening services, like:

not sure if these are all free, but it's easy to find out for the developers.


Let's wait for the new version or for bit.ly to solve their issues with Evernote.



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Getting error:



Skitch 2.7.6, OSX 10.10.2

Could this issue be solved once and for all? C'mon guys!

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Just got the error.  I REEEALLY like the short URLs though - the long URLs are.... LONG.  

Is this going to be fixed? 

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