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(Archived) Do I need Evernote Business for this?

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I simply want to have several notebooks that me and my assistant collaborate on --- 


For instance I use GM's numerical system for ordering notes with a journal/schedule - but I want her to be able to add calls, todo's etc to my daily journal or future ones.  Also a marketing notebook that I can add a project to, then she can use to gather info on it ... 


I bought two seats for business, then I realized that maybe just sharing a regular notebook would work for that - ie Joined Notebook. 


So, what would having these notebooks "Business" notebooks benefit or add?


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As far as I can see, the main benefit for the Business Library notebooks is a place to hold and retrieve notebooks that no one is currently joined.


If you are simply sharing some notebooks, you may be able to work with the Evernote Premium if not the standard free service.

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Hi Juniorgolf18,


It would depend entirely on the quantity of data you will be putting into Evernote.


If the data is small then you could easily work off one Premium and one free version.


But the benefits of the Business version are more than skin deep. The ease of setting up the Library and sharing data is incredibly useful. You may not have considered putting additional data into Evernote, but could you and would it be useful?


I have my diary going back about 6 years. Originally one Note per day and more recently one Note per enquiry. I also have quotations going back to 1998 and will soon be adding several thousand pdf's of datasheets I either refer to or copy onto my customers.


Of course the quicker and extra support you get with Business is very important. I have no time to waste so paying £100 ish per seat is nothing compared to waiting for any length of time to get help. 


I was also very sceptical before purchasing the Business version and asked the same question as you. In the end I decided that the cost in 'business terms' was so little it had to be worth a try. Since taking it on, I have been very impressed with how easy it is to work with. Oh there has been some problems, and some of them very serious, but every time it has been resolved with quick and efficient help from the Evernote support team.


There is a myriad of information available on how to use the Business version and what the benefits are, so I have tried to leave those out of this thread and give you my own 'gut' reaction of how it applies to me. I hope that gives you at least some feel for the package.


So, to answer your question, if you are a business stick with the Business version. You won't be disappointed.


If you need any specific questions answered let me know and one of us will, I am sure, be able to help.


Best regards




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It sounds like you have a really powerful application for Evernote there. To summarise what has been said before, I think the basic functionality you need is available in the regular, premium version. However, as C6REW mentions there are benefits in terms of support and upgradeability that the Business edition brings. 

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