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  1. What is the difference in your ToDo notebook versus the Actions Pending I am talking about? It seems they are the same, you just call it Todo versus Actions Pending or Inbox. It's the default notebook where everything goes first then processed out from there. Am I missing something? I see what you are doing with Filing - I think - it's where you move your action item/note to after applying appropriate tags...? Then you just delete it when finished instead of adding a completed tag or moving to a completed notebook. I think that is a personal preference - I will keep mine in a completed notebook - that way they don't pop back up in my saved searches but I can find them later if need to go back and check a date etc... I like the tidy up idea - good to clean up strays...
  2. My main notebook is Actions Pending like TSW suggests in setup. From screenshots it looKS like they have hundreds of notes in that notebook. The default one. Maybe I'll just leave them in there. Instead of adding a step or notebook
  3. So here's a real situation I just ran into -- I take notes or share notes from Books I'm reading via Kindle App to Evernote. I had them in a Notebook Stack called Book Notes - then had a notebook for each book they were on. So, now I tagged those notes with a new tag "Book Notes" and removed the notebooks. So now they are just hanging out in my Actions Pending/inbox with no notebook. They have no action, just there if I want to go back and look at or reference. So, what would I do with them? Move them to Completed and just search by tag when I want to review them? Or maybe in the reference or cabinet notebook?? This would be the same with other notes I might collect on ideas, marketing, etc, etc... What notebook do they reside in now that I've tagged them? Actions or inbox doesn't seem appropriate
  4. Yes, I re-read the Secret Weapon document and it seems they don't try or advocate trying to clear the inbox or Action Pending they call it. They just tag and if you use searches to find now, etc and contexts then you won't even care if it's got messages or notes in there. Thanks
  5. Interesting Malc. Some things I'm debating and/or struggling with.... Today was my first day back in office and using my new system. This morning I added several tasks to my today tag and as I finished them I removed the today tag and moved them to a notebook I named completed. I'm still struggling with the time between tagging it and completed, when it's still in my default inbox. I feel like I need to move it to a in between notebook like "in process" so it's not completed but not cluttering up my inbox.. not sure yet. Right now as I think of something I need to do tomorrow, I made a note and tagged its context but when I got to tag the "when", do I tag it "today" so tomorrow when I search for today it's there or do I put it in another tag? I only have today and then 2-next. Maybe I should ditch "today" and go back to 1-now. I think just tagging something today when it's for tomorrow gets me lol. Thanks for the discussion. I enjoy learning from you guys. Be patient with my questions...
  6. I actually use a generic !Archive tag to flag items that I no longer wish to see in my searches.It applies to completed tasks, as well as all the other notes I store in EN. I could use a !Completed Task if I need that classification. I guess what was I was asking was notebook related. When I tag it for action or assign a where tag to it, it's still in the inbox notebook. Do you move it to another notebook after you tag it so the default collection box is non cluttered?
  7. OK got it. So after assigning appropriate tags you move it to another notebook that is kind of the in process notes. Then move to completed if you usee that notebook?
  8. Ok, this may be a dumb questions - but here goes... I've got everything coming into .Inbox by default - there I'm processing it and tagging, etc... Now where do you put the note ? They are all still in my ".inbox" - Do you let them all stay there or move them somewhere else?
  9. I think you are over-complicating it! To find all Notes tagged @Calls, simply click on the @Calls tag in the left pane. No search necessary - EN's built in filtering does the job in one click. Similarly, to filter by more than one tag - eg to find all Notes in the Filing Notebook (if you've got one of those) tagged with the tag "Project xyz", click the Filing Notebook, press Ctrl, and click the second tag, Project xyz. Then you are filtering by 2 tags - without having to create a saved search. This works with any number of tags if using a computer. Only if this starts becoming cumbersome, and you are doing that search regularly, is it worth creating a saved search. (Also, you can't select mulitiple tags currently, on a device, so you saved searches can help there.) As you use it more, this will all fall into place. Cheers Malc Point taken. I tend to do that. But I'm already seeing benefits of feeling like I'm not missing something. I feel like I need to clean up how I process today tasks. Sitting in morning and tagging "Today" or "Now" or maybe even end of previous day... Also, do you have "To-Do" notebook as your default or do you have an inbox as default then move to To-Do if it's actionable or Reference if reference, etc... TSW has 1 I believe that is default catching all. How do you other guys process that?
  10. And when I create a note/task and tag it, do you always put a blank checkbox in each task you create so you can search for "false"
  11. The search functions and settting up a saved search are getting me off base. For example, I've got a context @calls How do I set up a search so I can click on @calls and it pulls up all the notes tagged that? Never Mind - found it in the online help guide - and the false command to find ones without the checkbox checked.
  12. Thanks. I'm starting with just a few notebooks and mostly tags and can add notebooks if need to as need arises. What I meant about independent tags, in the tsw videos they clicked on a notebook,created a note then added the tags from adding them to the note. I've added then from the left column by right clicking etc... Maybe the way they do it is just easier to add them by hitting enter and repeat. I just wondered if there was a difference.
  13. Hi JGWow - this thread has suddenly got enlivened - cool! To see my Today tasks is ridiculously easy - all I do is click on Today and there are my today tags. http://screencast.com/t/JMD6Fkbxx It's crazy easy! Not like old school time management systems... I hope that helps Malc So you just go through your next actions (I believe you name it something different) and if it needs today you tag it today, same with tomorrow etc...
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