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(Archived) HOWTO: Get clipper to save URL

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CWBillow    2

Is there a way to have WC copy the URL along with the section of a page that is clipped so that it can be saved/posted for future reference and if needed, citations?


Chuck Billow

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jbignert    463

Hi Chuck,

Can you verify that you are using the browser extension Web Clipper? The one described here: http://evernote.com/webclipper/

Also which browser are you using?

There is another utility that comes with the desktop clients that is similar to Web Clipper but does screenshots. That utility does not talk to the browser and cannot get the URL.

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aloharosa    0

Hi there jbignert,

Chuck and I share the same problem, though I'm not sure our setup is the same. I have two computers, one running Snow Leopard and the other Mountain Lion; both have Evernote in the menu bar. I often also use the Evernote Web Clipper on both Safari and Firefox.

A lot of what I clip is research for an academic book and I need to be able to document when I retrieved it and the precise URL where I found it to produce a complete bibliographic citation.

I was thrilled to discover the app would gather this information in only one step, rather than multiple copy/paste actions; one less thing to think about! Yet, ever since an upgrade in 2011, this functionality hasn't been working-- in any configuration I've tried (full page vs. selection), (SL vs ML), (Safari vs. Firefox).

I miss it!

Perhaps you can advise on how to set or reset the options to automatically capture URLs when text is selected and pasted/clipped?



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