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(Archived) HOWTO: Get clipper to save URL


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Hi there jbignert,

Chuck and I share the same problem, though I'm not sure our setup is the same. I have two computers, one running Snow Leopard and the other Mountain Lion; both have Evernote in the menu bar. I often also use the Evernote Web Clipper on both Safari and Firefox.

A lot of what I clip is research for an academic book and I need to be able to document when I retrieved it and the precise URL where I found it to produce a complete bibliographic citation.

I was thrilled to discover the app would gather this information in only one step, rather than multiple copy/paste actions; one less thing to think about! Yet, ever since an upgrade in 2011, this functionality hasn't been working-- in any configuration I've tried (full page vs. selection), (SL vs ML), (Safari vs. Firefox).

I miss it!

Perhaps you can advise on how to set or reset the options to automatically capture URLs when text is selected and pasted/clipped?



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