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How to Sync Google Calendar Entries to Evernote Notebook

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As above - I have a specific calendar that I want to sync to a specific notebook within Evernote, including whatever links, attachments, descriptions in my calendar entries. What is the easiest way to automate it? IFTTT doesn't seem to have this recipe working well. 

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Hi.  Syncing a complete calendar with all notes and attachments is a tall order.  Can you output your data to HTML as an 'Agenda'? (the calendar view where your appointments are listed in full and in date order)  - You might then be able to add the file(s) to a note directly.  That's a one-off snapshot only - no syncing involved.  Don't know that there is a way to make that even a one-way full time connection...


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Thanks for this comment. This what I want to learn as well. I've been using evernote for a long time but haven't figured out to sync my google calendar to evernote.



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