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Linking notes in iOS


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1 hour ago, ChuckChuckBoBuck said:

Would be nice to add hyperlinks in iOS and copy individual note links so you can link related notes.

To use links, I use the Share Menu Copy Links IMG_1410.PNG

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The 'trick' that I have had to use to really make this work on an iOS device was posted here by someone a long time ago and I can't remember who sadly.....


Basically I share the link like DTLow shows..... a private link.  Then I PASTE that link into a note and close it.  Then I open that note and COPY the link.  Now the link can be pasted in many places on the device or other apps and when tapped it will open that note INSIDE the evernote application and not via the web link.  I use it in 2Do and Pocket Informant often.


Hope that helps.

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