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  1. What made me downgrade was the ever increasing gaps the editor was putting between my images and the text. I reported this problem further up, and it sounds like it'll be fixed in the next release. It's a lot worse than I first reported. Annotating an image would put a full screen of blank space in between all images and text. So after an hour of taking notes I'd have 20+ screens (like, "page down" sized) of blank spaces in between each image. I was spending more time deleting whitespace than working. I agree with you on the benefit of providing beta feedback, and I'm still in. Just going to wait until the next beta rather than sit with beta 2.
  2. Who knew we had it so good in the 6.9.2 release? I downgraded. In an old job we had a rule about never making releases on Friday. Evernote may be different, but I don't expect we'll see the next beta until next week. Fingers crossed for a good beta 3!
  3. Here's a bug I think I've found: In a note start a bulleted list. Create a new line without a bullet (Shift+Enter) Paste a picture on this new line. Taking a screenshot is a quick way to do this (Control+Shift+Cmd+4) Make at least one more bullet. Now leave the note then come back Create some more bullets, but paste another picture on a new non-bulleted line (Shift+Enter) Leave note and come back You should now have an extra line between any previously pasted picture and the content below. Sounds minor, but I've got massive gaps between between pictures now. Fixing is a pain, but that's the worst of it.
  4. Out of curiosity, do we know that Microsoft doesn't have the same (or worse) policy regarding OneNote notes?
  5. First On an indented bullet Like this one for example If I put my cursor at the very beginning of the indented line (between the bullet and the 'L') and hit "fn+delete", the bullet will unindent. I'd expect it to delete the 'L'. Second On a bulleted list, if I press "Shift+Return", I get a new bulleted line. I'd expect a new line without a bullet. Like this Does. Third If a take a screenshot to my clipboard (Control+Shift+Cmd+4), then paste it into a note, the picture is 2x the original size. I can resize the picture in the editor, but only if the image is over a certain size. The dimensions don't seem totally lost, because if I annotate the image shows up in that window the right size. After annotation it will go back to being 2x the size. Quick edit on this - I suspect this is Retina-screen related, so it might not be reproducible in VMs or non-retina Macs. I guess that's it for reproducible "lots more bugs." Like others, I also frequently have an empty bullet created for me when I hit enter, with my cursor then placed on an unbulleted line below the empty bullet. If I use the arrow keys to try to get back to the empty bullet the cursor will skip the line. I haven't been able to reproduce this reliably however. Also, as I think I saw mentioned here, if I'm scrolled down at all, clicking on an attachment will jump the note back up to the top. (Only if the note is in it's own window, and with a single right click it seems.) If I remember or find more, I'll post them here.
  6. I keep coming here to check in on things, but thought I might post this time. Evernote, feel free to push the next release into beta early! I've felt that the releases lately have been great, and much more polished than the frequent releases of long past. However, having said that, text editing in 6.10 is painful. I've sent my bugs to Evernote support (all of which they said were known), and I see lots more here. The idea of being stuck with this release for much longer is an awful thought. For whatever that's worth. Thanks!
  7. Can anyone confirm this for me? At the bottom of a note (or in a new note), start a bulleted list Type some text, then hit "Shift+Enter" to go to a newline without a bullet point Take a screenshot (Ctrl+Cmd+Shift+4) Paste that screenshot onto the newline with no bullet point For me, I lose the newline, and the image I paste gets put on the end of the above line. Seems small, but it's new.
  8. A very, very minor annoyance, IMO. After all, it is at the very bottom of the Left Side Panel, so it's not like it really gets in the way of anything. Just ignore it. Of all of the changes I would like Evernote to make, this is the least of them. I want to throw in my disagreement with JMichael, and mention my annoyance with this "Upgrade your team" button. I understand it's small and easy to ignore, but for me, what gets me is that I'm paying as much money as Evernote will take (unless I want to pay for a Business account), and still they decide they need to hawk something that neither applies to me nor do I want, and they do it in such a way that I can't choose to remove it. With good intentions I give money to a company that makes a product I like, and in return they turn another space on my computer into a mandatory billboard.
  9. The "Upgrade your team" issue is being discussed here Hopefully it is a bug and not intentional. Although on 6.0.9 I could remove it, after upgrading to 6.0.11 I cannot.
  10. Ah, well, darn. I see cmd+[ and cmd+] will do it. I guess I'll leave this here in case it helps anyone else. Thanks for looking!
  11. Can someone confirm for me that there's no method for going backward or forward in the Evernote "note" window? I see it exists in the primary Evernote window, but once I double click a note, I seem to lose the ability to go forward or back. Running 6.0.8. Thanks!
  12. When you open a note, that particular toolbar you still can't change. I'd really like the "Forward" "Back" buttons in that window - for some reason they exist in the main Evernote window, but not the dedicated note window.
  13. I'm running across websites where when I try to clip the page with "Article" selected, I'll get that same webpage saved repeatedly in the same note. An example: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s66/sh/6cccf541-9708-4d6c-b45a-464a8d673447/ab12012fab3cc7b354aa6795998c7f55 From this website: http://sphweb.bumc.bu.edu/otlt/MPH-Modules/BS/BS704_Nonparametric/BS704_Nonparametric6.html Notice that it's the same content repeated several times. I suspect that Clipper is trying to copy the links from the article, but it's doing it incorrectly. Anyone know how I can have the article clipped without the repeated content? Thanks, Chris