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  1. I want to see larger images in Card View but the date and title are getting in the way more than previously. Can I fix this so I see only minimal text? And how to make the card image window bigger? Can I make that right most section narrower? Version details: Example of annoying text in card view:
  2. Perhaps so, but installing an old version of software to have the functionality on PC only isn't much use on its own when it does not work this way on every other device we use EN on.
  3. Why can't note notes be started with the cursor in the Title field? Whether creating new notes on my PC, web platform or iOS, the cursor always starts in the text field which is a pain to go backwards to create it's title. Even better, just make the Title field autofilled with the first few words of text?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. While I have been able to insert and view MS Word attachments in EN, with the particular note I need this function for it does not work. I added some links to an attachment to this particular note and now the note won't even load on my iPhone. I can see the preview and the time it was last edited, but now I just get a blank page when loading the note on my iPhone.
  5. Even MS Word can handle in-document links. After six years of begging EN I suppose they are just not capable of making this happen. I'd be keen on recommendations for other note apps that can handle links.
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