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  1. For Mac users out there, you can use Automator to create an OS X Service which invokes the "sort" command in a shell script to sort simple plain text lists. I posted the instructions elsewhere in these forums and also the info is available here at the most excellent Mac OS Automation dot com site. It's also possible now in Automator to write a JavaScript function and have the Service run that if one wishes to create a more robust solution. Anyway, my point on this thread is that this kind of feature shortfall in Evernote's main product is like one more spear that lies imbedded (for years now!) in the side of the once-venerable Elephant (EN) and, added to the many other spears already there, are causing the beast to finally stumble and fall. What a shame! Too much focus on marketing new and fancy niche products instead of working hard to keep the core product ahead of the competition and encouraging people to pay a small subscription for it. I pay for EN and I wish the best for the great Elephant; I only hope that EN's new management can simplify the product line and bring EN back to full health once again!
  2. As we have found from this thread, EN is not interested in this issue. It's quite ridiculous, IMO, that they would not incorporate this very basic feature into their product. Anyway, as scttdb mentioned (page 8), it is possible to install the set of OS X Services very kindly made available by Devon Technologies for managing text. As an alternative, for those who prefer to "roll their own", I suggest a simple Automator action be created: 1) Launch Automator, create a new Service, and tell it to get text (from any app) and allow the action to replace that text 2) send the text to a shell script and invoke the "sort" command 3) save the action as a Service and you're done! Then simply right-click on a selected section of text and select your new Service action. It works well for me, although <caveat emptor!> it will strip your lists of checkboxes, etc, so I advise the use of this on plain lists of items only. Still, it's effective and simple, and the great thing is it allows you to use your action in any other text app on your Mac as well! For in-depth instructions, please go to Mac OS Automation's excellent article on creating a sorting service in OS X. Also, much thanks to frank.dg "The Mischief Maker" for suggesting WorkFlowy. I am going to enjoy using that in the future!
  3. I second what Carpii and many many others have requested regarding the spell checker (both in the Mac app and on Android, etc): PLEASE LET US COMPLETELY DISABLE THE SPELL CHECK SYSTEM IN EVERNOTE. As with many other people, I write in languages other than English. Having red underlines all over the place and no "checkmark" option under Edit->Spelling and Grammar to disable the auto spellcheck is really a pain in the bash. Most apps, like Nisus Writer Pro for example, which I use for word processing, allows me to deselect the option to check spelling in any particular document. EN needs this for sure. Under Lion/Mountain Lion one can also disable the checkboxes for "Correct spelling automatically" and "Use symbol and text substitution" in System Preferences->Language & Text->Text; this, however, does not stop EN from underlining the words we write in our EN notes. The ultimate solution for us in EN would be to additionally include a master setting in the Preferences for the app which allow the whole speelling system to be turned off if we want it offf. thanks for your time trappster
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