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  1. Well Chaps. Its over for me. Due to the endless frustration with Evernotes I have moved over to OneNote and cancelled my subscription with Evernote. Its goodbye to Evernotes for me. Good Luck Guys. Regards Gary
  2. hi As much as I hope this is good news, my feeling is maybe to late. My confidance in using Evernotes is near zero. I'm a windows touch screen user, using Evernote now is quite frankly, dismissal. Fed up with loosing notebooks because I've drag them into another notebook. The whole touch screen experience is depressing. This needs to be fixed now, because I'm looking to replace evernote. I can't beleave I'm a loan with feeling. Good luck. Regards Gary Giles
  3. I'm getting feeling evernote is giving up on Windows. The whole interface is becoming a mess. I'm finding myself actually avoiding using it now as the touch screen experience is so frustrating. I'm tired of loosing files. Is stopped recommending to others it's just to embarrassing. If they want an example of how it should work, take a look at Outlook. The layout and interface are very similar. Has anyone found an alternative to Evernote?
  4. Hi I like to 2nd this. I'm getting more and more disappointed and frustrated with evernotes. Its feeling dated. Try using it on a pc tablet, just *****. I paying good money for this and I don't think its good value anymore. Someone needs to get on top of this a really get is sorted. I'm started to look for a replacement.
  5. HI I have using and been very happy with Evernotes for many years. But now I am using touch screens more and more, I am finding Evernotes frustrating to use. My biggest problem is trying to scroll up and down the notebooks. Every time I do this I end up moving notebooks into another notebook. Sorry if I have missed a preference fix for this, i.e a tick box that makes evernotes touch screen friendly. If I haven't missed anything, will someone please get on top of this and fix it. Basically I cant use Evernotes on a touch screen, its just to frustrating and I'm spending to much time trying to find lost notebooks. I hope there is a fix for this. Look forward to hearing reply's. Regards Gary
  6. i like to add my support for notifications. Evernotes would be very useful for group use but without notifications of changes this will never happen. I love evernotes and I realy want to use it in group situations, so please please find a way to implement notifications of note changes when shared with others.
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