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  1. In the summary view of a web page clipped by the web clipped it would be great to have the option to have the entire page in dark mode - not just the web clipper component. This would be easier on the eyes. A system like this actually doubles as a news reader (a Safari Reader replacement) and a web clipper.
  2. Some of the names that appear in my contact list are no longer current. Is there any way to purge these?
  3. When Work Chat was first introduced I was flat out against it because it just seemed like yet another iMessage or Skype message chat system and with Evernote notes or folders added. More so, I really hated the way that became the only way to share folders -- I still pretty much dislike that. However, what we all really need is comments on notes -- especially in Evernote for Business. I have tried Evernote for Business a few times and really feel that it needs a a note-based (not a general Work Chat) interface so that the company members of a given notebook can leave comments about indi
  4. Yes we all badly need this. Many other products offer this and real time collaborative notes would be great.
  5. The most limiting frustration I have with Evernote is that my collaborators (those I share notebooks with) are not able to add any tags. I sort of understand the logic of this and why Evernote has limited this -- owners of notes and notebooks dictate what tags should be there, perhaps. And in Evernote for Business, all the company users there can add new tags. However, I am certain that I am not the minority -- millions of us use Evernote as freelance consultants and collaborate with other consultants or contractors -- and they are not part of the same company and they need to add certain t
  6. yes please provide an Evernote update version - I really need that! (Also aware that the new iWork format is so new that every app maker is scrambling). By the way -- this may be good info for the developers: If an old iWork format file is already in Evernote, it opens up in the new format and saves in the new format, just like before. Even if you export that file and open it in the new iWork format (tried this with Pages) and then copy it back to a whole new Evernote note, it works (not a .zip). But if I create a whole new Pages file then I get a .zip file. Seems to be a format recog
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