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  1. Same problem here with iOS app, note content being replaced with random other notes
  2. Just upgraded Evernote on my other Mac too. I took a screenshot before and after the upgrade. Now when I compare the two, the difference is even bigger. The old one (5.x) had a nice seperation of elements with darker gray colors being used here and there. But the new one is just one big pile of WHITE on WHITE. Very disappointed in this new UI design/color.
  3. Yeah me too. When first launching the new version I thought for sure that something must have gone wrong and it had reverted to some kind of "default colorless theme". So I went here last night to check and found a ton of posts about what apparently is a new UI made on purpose. Very disappointing. At least from now on, it can only get better, so I'm looking forward to version 7.
  4. This is strike 2 for me. 3 strikes and I'll look at alternatives, of which there are plenty these days. 1st strike is the fact that they STILL don't allow me to link to what I want to link to. If I want to link to an email I'd use mailto:// but the CMD+K popup doesn't allow that. Strike 2 is this design disaster. It reminds me of a piece of software that was made in java, so it would work on as many platforms as possible, by somebody who knew nothing about UI but just used whatever was available. Is there a chance that somebody can create a skin and sell it for a reasonable price, so we can get a decent UI back? <-- Evernote Premium users for 6 years.
  5. Me too. I came here for this problem! Safari 6.1 on 10.8.5, though. Very annoying having to keep scrolling to the left on all wide websites to be able to see/read all of the articles.
  6. After 7 months of a whole lot of nothing, I decided to e-mail Evernote Support and point them to this thread. I doubt they even bothered reading it. I just received a canned response. I guess that's what a Premium customer since day 1 is worth.... If anybody know of software that is as good as Evernote overall, but without limiting what we can link to, from our own notes (!!!), feel free to send me a PM
  7. It would be nice if they at least could say if it's NOT going to happen, so I can start to see if there are useful alternatives to Evernote. It's a really important part of my workflow to be able to link to my emails, and it has bothered me a long time now. It just doesn't make much sense that Evernote will allow linking into notes, but they won't allow linking out to other apps.
  8. It's now been 3 months and nobody at Evernote cares to update on this one? I thought by the sound of Jackolicious's posts that it would be a possiblity at least, but nothing yet and no updates.
  9. Would it be okay to ask for an update to this feature request, now that it has been almost two months? All you need to do is just add a couple of more protocols before the "OK" button activates, and that's it.
  10. Personally I'm a heavy user of the "message://" protocol that opens up Mail.app, in my normal GTD workflow (except Evernote of course, until it hopefully becomes supported in the future). I can't really think of other protocols right now that might be useful to be honest, but what if you just allowed all links as long as they contain "://" somewhere, then you don't need to add new protocols here and there? Now I'm talking about the CMD+K popup, obviously you shouldn't automatic make links whenever something is copy/pasted that contains "://" into a note and that also wasn't what I was hoping to gain with getting "message://" protocol added, I don't mind using the CMD+K popup for that and just having http/ftp links become highlighted automatically as it is already.
  11. Hi people, How come Evernote forces us to begin all links in the CMD+K popup with "http://" otherwise it will simply not add it as a link, as the "OK" button to insert the link never becomes active? I don't understand why Evernote supports "notelinks" to allow other apps to link directly to Evernote notes, when Evernote itself doesn't allow linking out to other apps. One great example is linking to e-mail messages in Mail.app, like if you have a note and you want to link to a specific e-mail for more information, you can put a "message://" link on it, but no, Evernote doesn't allow it. Can this please be fixed? Thanks!
  12. I gotta say, Evernote must really have put an effort into making Skitch end up as bad as it is. I tried to give it a chance, given how much I like the actual Evernote app itself. But no, this just doesn't work. Besides, the "no FTP upload" is a complete deal-breaker for me. Old Skitch, here I come!
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