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  1. Adding more feedback to this... this is driving me nuts. This causes my whole note list to not fit on my screen thus I have to scroll (and the window loses a bit of its width due to the scroll bar) and since the list is dynamic, my notes float lower and higher depending on how many recent notes I have. Also, I use Evernote for meeting minutes and share the application on the web conference. If there is a note on my recents that I don't want to have shared with the meeting (e.g. projects with other companies) I have to close Evernote and re-open it to kill the history. I dont see the value in forcing users to not turn this off - if people like it great, if not, give us the option to hide it.
  2. +1 @luckman212 This is 100% reproducible, it's crazy to me that someone can't figure out a fix, and I hit this every day. When I hit inbox zero, the next folder I jump to is blank... Product folks: I know there is a workaround on our side (users) but the fact this has gone on so long is concerning. Please bump the priority.
  3. I would hope that since this is so easy to reproduce, a fix would be soon... I hit this many, many times a day. Thanks Evernote for taking the time to get this resolved asap.
  4. Hi @BSR, I just installed 8.3 on iOS and retested. My results are: When you create a new note and add an image in the body of the note, the distortion doesn't happen However, if you create a picture note via the shortcuts (press/hold Evernote application icon, or press/hold the "+" icon in the application) the note's image is still distorted on OSX My versions are 8.3 and 6.11.1 Thanks!
  5. Anyone else seeing this? Create a note, make a bulleted list with multiple indention levels Create a new note and start a bulleted list there, too Go to note created in step 1, copy a chunk of list data Go to note create in step 2, place cursor within the list there and paste the list data from Note 1 What I see is that not all the data from the list in my clipboard is pasted into the new list. Usually it just pastes the last bullet and its child nodes
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