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  1. Currently, when adding a reminder to a recent clip, the date dialog shows Sunday as the first day of the week. The option to change this to Monday would be great!
  2. Help! I'm a relatively new Evernote user an I have a "Plus" account. I've a new (this week!) MacBook Air when my old one went ***** up. I still have Evernote Plus on my iPad. It works fine. Now I would like to add my new MacBook to my Plus account so I can use my Plus on my MacBook. 

    Somebody . . . anybody . . . please tell me how to do it . . . bullet points please.

    I'll go back to my cave now, and sulk . . . waiting for an answer . . . sulking.

  3. This may of course be a Samsung specific issue, but certainly the new branding doesn't quite come across when the icon becomes invisible ?
  4. Redesigns are great - when they're also functional. Could we please have the option to revert the color of tags in snippet view to blue? The new gray is subtle, to the point of barely visible... Otherwise, thank you for finally addressing and fixing the issue of "lost focus" (works for me at least).
  5. With very careful optimism, I'd like to report that the bug seems to be resolved as of the last beta update (pre-release 6.14 I think). Let's see if it holds..
  6. I know it's disheartening that we should have to come up with workarounds, and the one below is particularly crude, but for me it works. Note that it requires installing AutoHotKey https://autohotkey.com/ (which is in itself a wonderful program that I use for quick formatting - another feature missing in Evernote - among other things). By pressing the left mouse button while holding down the shift button, it basically reclaims focus after it has been lost, and one can start typing regardless of if the search field is empty or not. Again, not pretty, and you'll have to work out the Sleep time so you don't get a double-click, but it works... #IfWinActive ahk_class ENMainFrame Shift & LButton:: Sleep 200 Send {LButton}{Ctrl down}{Ctrl up} Sleep 600 Send {LButton} return #IfWinActive return
  7. Same is occurring for me as described by Carl-L-ND, even after rebooting - so unfortunately not a fix for me.
  8. Took some time to rearrange the monthly views so that Monday's first, so if anyone's interested, you can find them here: http://www.evernote.com/l/AAGwlSdTWvVNFLHC8bavxEfq4_zsfupjjAQ/
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