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  1. Bitdefender logged an alert and indicated that EvernoteCleanup.exe is infected with a virus. I've attached a screenshot of the alert. Any ideas or comments?
  2. Past few weeks there is a large blank area that takes up the entire first part of every note. This is in the preview pane on the right. If I double click the note and open it in it's own window, the blank box isn't there. Obviously it's very frustrating. Any idea how to get rid of this? I've attached a screenshot. Thanks
  3. I have the iX500 and scan directly into Evernote with it. Evernote integration comes standard with the iX500 software.
  4. Thanks for posting this. Followed your instructions and worked as you said. Hopefully will be addressed soon.
  5. It used to disappear after you read the announcements. It seems they obviously changed it to always be visible. I tried deleting the announcements thinking that that would make it go away but no luck. Evernote please change this back and make the little notice disappear after announcements have been read or at least after they have been deleted. This is really annoying and there is no need for you to make this permanent.
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