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  1. does anyone know a workaround using some kind of script or quicksilver or anything? right click on selected note still allows "open in separate window"
  2. gbarry I believe the comparison chart does not clarify how support works, from reading it seems like only business users have access to support. I was under the impression that support was open to everyone, w premium clients getting 24hr replies - not sure how it works for business
  3. hey kischicago, a few things that might help you here: this article listing all evernote limits that shows the 50 email daily, among other limits to free users this comparison chart showing all different kinds of subscriptions, comparing features and pricing as far as I know support is granted for free users but response time is delayed (I understand as best effort to answer asap) - someone can correct me on this one finally I'm a happy payer of evernote for some time now and I believe that if your expected flow of emails is north of 50 you'll surely hit other limits. if you enjoy and rely on evernote the $45 yearly price tag is definitely worth it.
  4. by the way, skitch also offers this feature, it's on the top of the window, called screen snap, if the app is open you can hold command key (the one closest to spacebar) + Shift + 5 or launch the Skitch app and on the window look for this button on the top: 1 Click here to perform a crosshair screen shot 2 Click here for a list of other cool stuff like a timmed screenshot (for example when you want to screen shot a menu window, or something else that requires a click
  5. Which operational system (OS) and version of Evernote are you using? Plus, any chance your spam filter is blocking those?
  6. Running Fx 34.0.5 under 10.10.2 and last Beta (dec 10) I've two issues 1) can't take screenshot clips (is this still under dev?) even though I can select the area, after mouse release the shot does not show up to edition and upon saving I get "Error: invalid arguments" 2) not sure if it's only w me but the Evernote Google results (how do you call that feature again?) now has a white background vs a black in the past. I preferred the black much more, not sure if this is a new design or just a bug
  7. Allana, first off, it's much easier to get help when we have specific names for applications, operational system and desired effect. Your question is not entirely clear to me, but I'll guide you based on the following question: 1 - I'm assuming you're on a Mac (just because I believe Skitch is bigger on the mac community) 2 - I'm assuming you're running either Safari or Chrome as they have very similar web clippers that may be causing your confusion 3 - I'm assuming by "crossbow" means you want to select an area of the screen and clip/take a screenshot if most of that is correct, all you need to do is: using the Web Clipper -> Open the clipper => on the dialog box, just below the title there's a section called "clip", choose the option called "screenshot" Hope I was able to help, give us more detail if you still need assistance!
  8. (I meant "business card reader on the topic, but can't edit it now nor delete and re-post, if there's any admin reading this, please help Sorry for the mistake) Hello there, on IOS client (currently running 7.5.311939-5977e21 - Beta) when I try to scan a business card that has a group email (ie. bakers@bakeryplus.com) Evernote fetches what seems to be the most likely Linkedin match, which however might not be the one on the biz card (it seems email overpasses name check) so I ended up scanning 3 biz cards from the same group (and same group mail on all cards) and Evernote understood it as the same person. Currently I see no way of fixing or working around that, as in turning off Linkedin sync on-the-fly and back on for the next biz card. Is this working as design? Can we improve? Anyone experienced this already?
  9. Hello there, IOS 8 Mail has a nifty feature, while you're editing (composing, replying) an email, you can swipe down from the top of the app and the composer gets minimized. I wonder if this is a simple thing to implement via the SDK, it's very useful and would be great to have on Evernote. http://ti.me/1wFKBUG -> video showing what I'm referring to.
  10. I'd go ahead and request this in a "object attribute" fashion rather than "per app" setting. Would be great for me to have a given attachment/image appearing as icon instead of preview across all Evernote clients once I define that in mac for example. What you think?
  11. Do we have any news in this regard? I only use Evernote windows at work and messing w the registry is a big no-no in corp environment. My workflow involves taking several pictures from my moleskine and adding todo's related to them, it becomes a very large (in terms of how vertically long it gets) that's quite cumbersome to scroll through/organize yourself. Would be great to be able to select all messages, right click -> show as icons, this would allow me to double click and focus on any given note at a time while easily having a bird's eye view of all the content. I'm not sure how hard it is to implement this or if it's on the roadmap, would be great to have any insider info on this because if nothing will change in this regard I'll have to think of a new flow. Thank you
  12. more on spotlight integration. I seem to be able to retrieve results from items (ie a powerpoint presentation) that's on evernote, but not when the text is in the body of a note... (spotlight won't show me Evernote's notes results)
  13. I'm currently running Yosemite and although I know it's not officially supported I think it's worth sharing 1) Spotlight is currently not pulling evernotes, I re-indexed Spotlight and still, so far not working. (It was working back in beta 8 and Yosemite) 2) this is fairly easy to reproduce in the note editor. steps: Create a note w an image. Open the note in a new window, now Annotate any image (add like a stamp and crop it), close the annotation image, now try to click and resize the picture. You'll see the blue reticle won't appear and there's no way to bring it back unless you close and reopen the window/note. Specially about issue number 2, if anyone can reproduce in current Mac Mavericks please let me know.
  14. please no skeuomorphism
  15. I was also updating from beta 7 and got an error unpackaging the new version when using in app update. Update with the link on OP works perfectly on yosemite so far. Spotlight integration is working
  16. I've got the same error: " RangeError: arguments array passed to Function.prototype.apply is too large" with http://www.polygon.com/2014/8/21/6052553/how-to-catch-every-pokemon?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email Running Alpha 16 (this one https://www.evernote...9b141a600acf7dc)
  17. I'm also beta testing Yosemite - don't expect any dev's to fully support a beta version. I'm also not able to use spotlight in Evernote (but then again I'm using Evernote 5.6 beta that just pushed Spotlight support for Mavericks). We're probably going to have to wait a couple of weeks/months until yosemite is fully supported. That's the fun of living on the edge, beta versions were meant to crash and not fully work as you'd expect.
  18. Running Yosemite beta here, I had unpacking/unzipping issues w my in app update, Spotlight search not working. (I know it's not officially supported, but wanted to share )
  19. Great update, thanks a bunch, here my feedback: I can't edit notebook or tags while in the clipper when I choose Native option to save, I'm quite sure Chrome doesn't behave that way (and I like to edit notebook and tags prior to saving! ) had an issue w this article, http://blogs.estadao.com.br/que-mario/uma-viagem-no-tempo-com-controles-de-videogames/ error was RangeError: arguments array passed to Function.prototype.apply is too large ( article is a list of images) - ver 5 was able to handle this is a great great great update, native saving and selective clipping were things I was really missing, great to see it back. We also have screenshot and annotations (that I don't remember being there). The only last killer feature I miss is in google search results but I was able to work around it, just keep both betaa 6 and 5.9 running. I don't see any conflicts between them so far (just hide the old icon on the bar) and it's been great. I recommend to anyone.
  20. I'm not really looking for support but rather check if issue is reproducible on current OSX Maveriks (not easy for me to do it).
  21. I'm now testing Yosemite too, not sure if the issue is isolated there, but if I try to "copy and share URL" the url won't flow to the clipboard, a blank string is added instead (cleaning my clipboard). The link is successfully created and I can find it if I choose to open the shared note in the browser.
  22. you can't really deactivate multi-touch on a app by app basis, it's actually an Apple restriction as far as I know. About the lagging, I'm also experiencing... quite frustrating. One thing that might help is turning off background refresh on all apps you don't use I've experienced a noticeable gain of speed on my iPad overall and ... some gain on Penultimate, nothing major though... I would als olove to see penultimate working better on gen3
  23. a bit embarrassed to report this one but... anyways, yahoo answers does not seem to be correctly handled (or is it the thread style?) example https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080114142149AAnpNzM Chrome plugin handles it well, however Fx clipper won't allow me anything past the first sorted answer (even if I click on +, the - however works).
  24. Windows version have top bar customization (so did Mac client previous to V5 I'm quite sure), do we plan to have that back? I miss it. Even though cmd+shift+a does the job, sometimes you just want that nice little button there to help.... also on image note resizing, would be nice to have some information on pixel size, I know it might sound a bit nerdy, but feels quite weird resizing a virtual thing w/o any tangible reference to size. another thing with images, if I drag and drop a link-embeded image from browser to evernote, that dropped image will "inherit" the link, however besides having no visual clue you can't edit nor remove the "link" feature.
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