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  1. Small steps are far better than no steps. EN is wonderful software. I'll be sticking with it. Let's hope the issue will be corrected. And we all know once this issue is resolved there will be another bug popping up. 😀
  2. I was just writing to you in order to apologize. My frustration was directed towards the CEO and engineers not you. I hope understand that and accept my apology. Those in charge will forthwith be the target of my frustration. Once again, my apologies. Barry
  3. Tell me who the choir-master is! Apparently, the choir-master doesn't follow this forum!
  4. Frankly, I have just about had it with the blank notes. The excuse-makers explaining that the engineers are aware of the problem and blah-blah-blah. Well, if the engineers are aware of the problem FIX THE DAMN THING! It's been months that this has been going on. Truthfully, I've already spent he money for the subscription. That this bug has gone on this long is disgraceful. Little by little I will be copying my notes to another program. Perhaps EN will solve the issue. Then, I'm in! I will happily renew my subscription.
  5. Thanks for suggesting how to resolve the updating issue. I'll tackle that this evening. Barry
  6. Like most of you, I'm continuing to experience the blank note issue. In order to have EN show the notes I have to go to the Win 10 Task Manager\Details and end the EN tasks ( although I just have to highlight one EN entry to shut them all down). Then, I restart EN. The notes appear. Particularly annoying is that EN tells me my desktop app is being updated to xxx. I update. Then EN starts and another message pops up that a newer version of EN...blah, blah, blah. OMG! I truly like EN. I was a subscriber for several years, I left and went to Notion which was great. When I read about the changes in EN 10 I figured I'd give it a try once again. Being very impressed, I purchased, once again, the Premium subscription. It's wonderful and I'd gladly pay the charge; however, the issues ( blank notes, constantly having to update) are maddening. I understand the difficulties of software development and I appreciate what the developers are struggling through. I'll wait a bit longer before going back to Notion. I'd prefer the robustness and the features of EN over those on Notion. How much longer I'm willing to hang on? I guess until the end of my subscription. If I come across as being angry, well, I am! I can deal with bugs but this is silly. I update and then I have to update again? Something is terribly wrong with this version of EN.
  7. I was too quick to start celebrating...the problem on my WIN 10 version 10.8.5-win-ddl-public is still there. Always the optimist, maybe tomorrow will be the day of joy.😃
  8. On Win 10, using EN version 10.8.5-win-ddl-public (2367)... It seems as if the problem for me has ended. I'll know for sure as the days go on. To my bucket list I've recently added that Evernote solve this problem before, well, before I no longer need my bucket list. 😃 Barry
  9. Using the Win version...Like many of you I am still experiencing the blank notes problem. It's very frustrating having your work routine disrupted like this. A user on this forum suggested to open the task manager and go to the "Details" tab. Then scroll down to Evernote, right click and then end the task. Restart Evernote. That's worked for me each and every time. This problem has gone on long enough! I just may have to go back to Notion.
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