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  1. I'm having the same issue. Very annoying because my encrypted text has several bullets numbers and line dividers in it and I had to reformat it all when I needed to add new information. I had to reformat years of data because someone was to lazy to do their job to support existing functionality.
  2. I've noticed that I can't put a code block or table under a bullet points. Is this intentional or is it some kind of bug? I'm running Evernote under Windows 10.
  3. I have a problem where when I copy or clip a note from a web page that it sometimes has inconsistent line formatting, especially annoying for recipes. I tried using the remove formatting and simplify formatting options, but neither works. Does anyone have any suggestions? The only solution I could find to this problem was to copy out the entire note into notepad delete the note and recreate it and past the text in from notepad.
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