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  1. I appreciate that it's tough, but this is yet one more way in which Skitch 1.x was just way better than Skitch 2.x. Please bring back the basic functionality of one of my (previously) favorite apps! Now I'm just left feeling like Evernote ruined a very good thing...
  2. You think Microsoft has done well by Apple? You can't be serious. Is that why we only just got Outlook (instead of that crippled "Entourage" mess) last year, and why we still don't have OneNote? Is that why we got the Office ribbon interface years after the PC version did? Is that why you can't subscribe to a web-based calendar (like gmail) in Outlook for Mac, but it works just fine in Outlook for Windows? They may have bailed out Apple ten years ago, but they don't treat those of us who own Apple products nearly as well as they treat their Windows customers—which, for Microsoft, is at least understandable. For Evernote, I know that different features roll out at different times for different clients, but the Windows version of Evernote consistently gets the vast majority of updates far in advance of the Mac version. For Mac users like me, that's a pretty frustrating experience.
  3. For AoR—or what I think roughly translates to "roles" in the Covey model—I added a .Why tag with my different AoRs as tags underneath. It seemed to fit well with the .What, .When, .Where, .Who list. That way I can keep my .Where tags specifically focused on the physical location I need to be at in order to execute a task, and I can work on my "Home" AoR anywhere—for example, @Errand for that thing I need to pick up, or @Phone for that call I need to make to the roofer.
  4. How disappointing—when will companies like Evernote stop treating Mac users like second-class citizens. What are they, Microsoft? Also, it'd be great to have a list view in vertical (with the preview pane on the right). Windows users can do this with a registry hack, but we can't do it at all!
  5. Just followed the instructions above and checked it in the new pre-release Evernote_4.5.4 beta 2 ( [230954]). Working as described. Pls be aware that the new vertical view cannot be toggled with the other horizontal view (unless you change the registry again). Thanks EN! It'd be really nice if we could get this in the Mac version... :-)
  6. Any way we could get this on the Mac version, pretty please?
  7. YES PLEASE! Preview pane in vertical, note list on the left. This would change my world!
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