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  1. I appreciate that it's tough, but this is yet one more way in which Skitch 1.x was just way better than Skitch 2.x. Please bring back the basic functionality of one of my (previously) favorite apps! Now I'm just left feeling like Evernote ruined a very good thing...
  2. For AoR—or what I think roughly translates to "roles" in the Covey model—I added a .Why tag with my different AoRs as tags underneath. It seemed to fit well with the .What, .When, .Where, .Who list. That way I can keep my .Where tags specifically focused on the physical location I need to be at in order to execute a task, and I can work on my "Home" AoR anywhere—for example, @Errand for that thing I need to pick up, or @Phone for that call I need to make to the roofer.
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