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  1. After 9 years of premium membership (not necessary, but just to give Evernote the opportunity to continue development) this year, I stop. This version and the time it takes to release is awkward. The time taken to released is embarrassing The number of missing features is embarrassing (the large but above all small ones that make the previous version really productive) But above all, it is embarrassing that Evernote corp tried to pass the new version as a good step forward. I feel made fun of. Maybe I am one of those power users who use the application in a strange and intense way, maybe I am not part of the mass that uses only 3 functionalities, maybe I am wrong. Well, the wrong one won't give you more money if by January (when my subscription expires) you don't make me change my mind.
  2. Hello, I saw the last video (Ian's interview) where we talk about tag reorganization, so I tried the new Web app and opened the TAG section and I had a heart attack. Is this the new idea of reorganization? My system is based on tags and specifically on the possibilities to have an edit a tree of tags. Please, not make a jump behind removing this. I work on Windows and Android and even if the tag management is not perfect, it is very close to being it.
  3. Hi, please give the option to put the new 'New Note' button in the sidebar down and/or remove from the sidebar. The shortcuts inside the sidebar are my best friend and this new button let down and reduce the space for it and tags (another my best friend). There is so many space upstare (in the old placement) that I no understood why to remove space where is already not much.
  4. Thanks very much. probably the update change it or something like that.
  5. Hi, In Evernote 6.3.1, when I click on tag in the shortcut (left pannel) the selection go to the original tag in TAG section, my tree is very complex and much long so I lose the focus on shortcut section and this is annoying. Is this a wanted behavior? is it possible have a option to disable it?
  6. I give a try at every beta, but if this is a beta is horrible, too many missing features. If it is a Alpha stage we can tell many things but is too premature and so why showing it. I think that we are too far from good product, the Android's version is advanced respect to the web and this is a nightmare because normaly I advice to use the web for do the things that is not possible with Android, now what tell? For create a good organization you must to use desktop version and so, what is the utility of web?
  7. Ok, not sync with desktop but please add the possibility to resend to Evernote the plain markdown text, so you can edit the file without marxico on android. My workflow is based on windows and Android so I need full compatibility.
  8. hi, very impressive application, but I have some feature requests:Import from desktop applicationexport to desktop applicationexport to evernote as markdown and not as html
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