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  1. Hello, I saw the last video (Ian's interview) where we talk about tag reorganization, so I tried the new Web app and opened the TAG section and I had a heart attack. Is this the new idea of reorganization? My system is based on tags and specifically on the possibilities to have an edit a tree of tags. Please, not make a jump behind removing this. I work on Windows and Android and even if the tag management is not perfect, it is very close to being it.
  2. Hi, please give the option to put the new 'New Note' button in the sidebar down and/or remove from the sidebar. The shortcuts inside the sidebar are my best friend and this new button let down and reduce the space for it and tags (another my best friend). There is so many space upstare (in the old placement) that I no understood why to remove space where is already not much.
  3. Thanks very much. probably the update change it or something like that.
  4. Hi, In Evernote 6.3.1, when I click on tag in the shortcut (left pannel) the selection go to the original tag in TAG section, my tree is very complex and much long so I lose the focus on shortcut section and this is annoying. Is this a wanted behavior? is it possible have a option to disable it?
  5. Hi, little bug that is present in many varsion, this last included, is the search in the tag pannel. Every time I try to make a search in tag Evernote crash.
  6. I don't know if is related to this versions or is a old bug, any way the drag and drop of reminders don't works I as aspect. If I drag a reminders from top to down, the reminder that moves is not the one I selected. But if I drag a reminder from down to top works well.
  7. Click the "Present" toolbar button. When Presentation mode launches, click the arrow icon to open the Layout Editor. Hover over and click the blue dot(s) in the Layout Editor to insert screen breaks. See https://blog.evernote.com/blog/2014/12/03/new-presentation-mode-will-change-meetings/ for more details. Thanks, I have found it.The new presentation mode doesn't work very well. is not easy to explain, but I try:I open a note in presentation mode, the divisione of slide is not as I want but if I use arrow or back space all text is visible.I edit the division and part of text disapear.I close and reopen the presentation mode and the problem is still present.I close and reopen Evernote and at this time the presentation is good. As you immagine this is not a possible way to work
  8. What do you mean? and how do it? Presentation mode: Divide your presentation into multiple slides with a single click.
  9. Wow, new release the same day of MAC, too bad that don't have the same features (presentation, photo and tables resizable, and os on). Please, is hard to push in a market (business) where Win is the major actor a solution where Mac is always first.
  10. Per quanto riguarda il salvataggio di pagine web in Evernote su iOS come su Android si sfrutta la funzionalità condividi o "share". In pratica quando sei su safari condividi l'url, dalla finestra che appare scegli Evernote. l'url viene inviato ai server che lo catturano e lo trasformano in una nota. per maggiori informazioni il blog di evernote Per le foto o da Evernote crei una nota e poi aggiungi una foto come allegato, oppure scatti una foto direttamente con la funzionalità di Evernote, od infine dopo aver fatto la nota la condividi con Evernote. Per la questione sincronizzazione deve funzionare. Ossia se non funziona c'è un problema. Conta che la sincronizzazione non è in tempo reale ma avviene ogni n° minuti, di solito il valore appena installato è alto, tipo ogni ora, devi guardare nelle impostazioni ed abbassarlo, oppure (ma questo non so se è possibile da iOS) forzare la sincronizzazione. Dovrebbe esserci una voce nel menù, insieme a quella per andare alle impostazioni, o un icona dove c'è lo status di sincronizzazione.
  11. Hi, I know that is not possible, otherwise I don't pray for it.My question is not about what i is or not is possible that, sorry, I know.My question is: why and will be possible, please, in future implement it? Another simple example, with ENMLEdit or wiht notepad++ is possible create a TOC, the code is simple, with this you create a link: <a href="file:///#cap1">Capitolo1</a><div> and with this the target: <h1 id="cap1">Capitolo1</h1> This works perfectly in Evernote if you not edit the note. The engine of Evernote, after the edit, remove id="xx" and the target don't work anymore. My request is please don't delete it. P.S. If you want make it that works use as target this <h1 ><a name="cap1">Capitolo1</a></h1> I know wht Evernote support or not, but with <content-class>evernote.contact.1</content-class> Evernote has introduced a smart system for mix not editable elements and editable elements so improve it giving to users a mode to use it. In this moment a simple "Area" and "Field" is enough and the prove is the first note that I have posted, I don't think that add a "en-todo" is a big effort. So in summary, add a new class for example: <content-class>user.basic.1</content-class>make it compatible with the existing "Area" and "Field" or create new ones and finally add a editable "en-todo".
  12. Hi, is possible editing the HTML, watch for example this note: "MyBlog: Schedulazione base" in https://www.evernote.com/pub/loriswave/public The problem is preserve the structured and may be nice have some elements like dropdown menù or for example todo selector. My is a prayer to Evernote team to release the power of XML
  13. Please, before to answer read what I have wrote and look the note as example.(I know that my english is not so good, so is diffìcult understand me sometime) The note is not only exported, I have open the enex in notepad++, I have edit it introducing the tag <note-attributes> <source></source> <content-class>evernote.contact.1</content-class> </note-attributes> for blocking the structure and some tags <div style="x-evernote:note-body;-evernote-editable:textarea;"> and <div style="x-evernote:note-body;-evernote-editable:field;"></div> for create editable line and area. I know how to create a base template, my request is more advanced. My request is have the possibilities to block the structure of a note and have some basic element (area, line, dorpdown menù and few others) for build a "true" template as many users want.My posted note is example to prove that it is possible.
  14. Ciao, personalmente non uso ne iOS ne BlackBerry, ma la prima cosa da chiarire è cosa non riesci a fare. Se le funzionalità che cerchi sono quelle simili al web clipper è una cosa, se al contrario ti riferisci all'uso di Evernote in genere è un altro. Il salvare articoli da internet è una funzione importante ma allo stesso tempo marginale di Evernote, puoi chiarire la tua necessità per favore?
  15. Hi, this note is my blog's template, as you see I have used element Text Area of evernote.contact.1 for build this template. My request is, why not give to the power users the possibilities to create own template with some predefined elements. I think that is not needed many elements, the en-todo, a system to create the dropdown menù and few others. Evernote XML have many potentiality, please free it.
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