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  1. Add my vote to this being a pain in the butt. I do audio notes while out and about. Then later I fill in the details. In the middle of changing the title from "Untitled Note" it erases what I'm writing! The functionality isn't so bad, but it has to be savvy about usability, or it's super frustrating! It's just part of the bad quality programming throughout this product. And this has been a problem for sooo long! "It has always worked like that," is not a good excuse, it's a further embarrassment!
  2. A long-standing frustration I have with Evernote is that audio playback is interrupted when I edit the note. This affects my basic work flow which is: Record audio-notes with my cell phone while on the go, sometimes while driving or running. Don't enter any text. When I'm at my desktop tag, title and maybe write up some of what I said so I can later use search or my tag organization scheme.This seems like a very basic work flow. But when I listen to the recording and start tagging and titling the note, the audio shuts off and returns to the beginning. It doesn't even pause and remember my place. The audio playback feature is also pretty primitive when it comes to finding my place again in the audio. I can't step back 15 seconds at a time, and moving to a specific point is very difficult. The response to mouse movement is just terrible. I've had this frustration for over 4 years now. I'm really surprised it hasn't been addressed. (I've mentioned it before in these forums.) But now it's gotten worse! Now the playback get's cancelled spontaneously. At first I thought it might be due to periodic syncing, but a basic test didn't show any consistent pattern. This is very frustrating.
  3. I was quite eager to raise shortcomings when I saw an Evernote survey in my inbox. Boy did they fool me, stupid customer that I am. I should shut-up and assume the milking position. The survey asks how much we'd like upcoming features. When I say I'm not clear on what a feature means, they explain it and ask if I am now clear on it. This survey is just a strategy to make us aware of all the products we could upgrade to. There wasn't a single opportunity to tell them what a lame-ass job their doing on making the product work for us. I couldn't tell them: That I still haven't upgraded to desktop v5 because it doesn't display audio notes so that I can play them.They constantly change around the features so that I have to relearn the product. Though I think they've gotten better about that one.That playback of audio is constantly reset when I update the tags and title based on the content of the audio I'm replaying.I'm sure there are other issues I can't think of right now. I know you guys aren't trying to be as disrespectful as I'm suggesting, but you're thinking more about lining your pockets than listening to your customers. Focus on the latter and the former will come. All that said. They are the only game in town. But when someone gives them a descent challenge, I'll be eager to move.
  4. Evernote has done it again. Thrown together a bunch of pointless UI changes I guess to conform to the latest look and feel trends. Can you tell me what was wrong with version 4's styling? One would think that your subscription model would drive you to focus on fixing bugs rather than sheen effects to lure people unthinkingly toward upgrades. You're carrying the same old bugs and issues we've been complaining about forever forward with version 5. Here is just a sample: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/15773-post-your-1-feature-request-here/page-18 http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/39471-search-within-tags/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25038-feature-requests-ability-to-turn-off-new-features/ http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36549-constant-messing-with-the-ui/
  5. This is a major pain. So many reasons to leave evernote. A competitor will catch up soon.
  6. Jeff, Sorry, I didn't notice you responded. Thanks. My comments were specific to Android. That's what i use most and where I see the most feature jostling. Thanks.
  7. Guys, this is getting annoying! You're constantly messing with my work flow. I even sought out and tried Google Keep in my frustration! I already find it's annoying to have to go through drop downs and submenus to get to the few options I personally use. With the "select personal tag" button you've just added another level that is so completely unnecessary, it's dumbfounding! I wish you would go in the other direction of allowing me to get my notes out faster without constant navigation. Suggestions: Let me get the add audio button in the top bar instead of the photos. I don't use photos! You could even do this dynamically based on usage.Do the same for tags. That needs to be faster.When you pop out the tag entry/selection menu, put a couple of buttons in a corner so that I can sort by frequently used or alpha, and remember last sort order. Most of the time I repeatedly hitting on a few subject areas and scrolling for a tag starting with 'm' is a pain! You now have space for this next to 'choose tags'. Just a down arrow with a-z, plus a down arrow with a clock icon would be great!Separate edit mode/view mode is clumsy in my view. How many users spend a lot of time using their phone do go through their notes? And when they do, they are more likely to be in a position to focus on not accidentally deleting stuff. At least allow an option to disable view mode.When entering text with Speech-to-Text tech, also keep an audio file. The technology makes errors which are easy to miss and often occlude the basic idea behind my note. But I would like to use it to help me get these ideas down. Nuance is coming out with a high quality engine that integrates with the android keyboard recognizer, so please integrate with that fairly sophisticated and flexible method (It allows you to switch to keyboard easily). Even though Google Keep is very primitive, they thought to do this.I think there is a serious problem with the UI design and user feedback at Evernote that will tank you when Google Keep really gets running. Consider these basic UI design principles: Listen to your users! Don't necessarily follow their implementation suggestions or you'll get a spaghetti UI, but understand what their suggestions are telling you about their needs. Design the simplest UI that satisfied the myriad suggestions you're aggregating. This is hard, but that's what it takes. Nobody does this better than Google, so study their stuff. Don't break existing flows to piss off your user base.Seems like you're doing all three of these poorly right now. I have 10 years of experience in UI and programming experience. Feel free to contact me.
  8. A couple of new features are messing up my work flow. The speech to text feature is a nice idea. However, it crashes my evernote completely to the point where the only way to stop it is to reboot my android device, which is a major pain. The text it comes up with right before it crashes is also completely incoherent. FYI I have no particular regional accent and speak pretty clear american english. When I try to select the audio only button, I can never get the pressing to work. A lot of times I'm doing this while driving, so it's a major hassle. I need to turn that feature off completely. Previously you defaulted audio notes according to Calendar appointments. Again, nice idea, but my calendar items have nothing to do with my audio notes. Please allow me to revert to the date and time entry. You've also added new icons to the edit note screen. This pushed my audio note button back so I have to dig for it every time. Here one would want to be able to order those buttons (or have them automatically reorder according to frequency of use). I know there is a hesitation to add a million customizations to the settings menus, but it would really help to keep my product usable rather than a moving target.
  9. Integrating the app with the Dragon Systems Speech Dictation engine would also be great. This way I could just click a button and transcription would be automatically populated below the audio file within the note. A batch job feature like this would also be cool, but it would have to check a flag within the audio file to make sure it didn't repeatedly add transcriptions below the file or worse erase corrected transcriptions.
  10. Navigating note fields should NOT interrupt audio playback. I use audio notes to give permanence to my ideas while I'm out and about, often driving. Later I want to add tags, title, and a few searcheable comments to the content of the audio, or just transcribe it completely. However, when I'm listening and tab between field, it kills the audio so I have to start over. Even if I put the note it in a separate window, tabbing or switching fields anywhere in the app kills the audio.
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