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  1. This problem has been marked "solved" but actually, it's still broken in the way described. This is still on Windows 10, but now Firefox 64.0.2 (32-bit).
  2. I like the horizontal scrollbar, but I wish that it worked when I click my mouse wheel sideways. On every web browser I've used, this does a horizontal scroll. But not in Evernote.
  3. The Ctrl+Alt+L shortcut is again missing on the Evernote windows client ( (308273) ). The shortcut does work on the main window, but in the separate window I get when I double click on a note, the shortcut doesn't work. Moreover, when I click the "note" menu in the separate window, I see a "copy internal link" item but the shortcut for it isn't shown. This is different for the main window, where the shortcut is shown.
  4. Many mice and keyboards have special purpose forward and back buttons. On every web browser I've used, these go back/forward in browsing history. I would very much like it if Evernote had the same behavior. But thanks to jefito for the helpful hint about Alt+ArrowLeft and Alt+ArrowRight .
  5. Crazy! Your link works for me too. I'm optimistic that Nimbus will do pretty much what I want, so hey, thanks a lot!
  6. Huh, I clicked the firefox link here, and it says "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox." Same version of FF as you.
  7. Yes, maybe that's something Firefox has to do (Evernote people, true?). Thanks for the Nimbus Clipper pointer. It looks pretty handy but unfortunately, it doesn't run on newer Firefox versions -- I'm hoping Nimbus will do an update soon.
  8. Evernote's simplified clipping saves only text but I save a lot of articles where the diagrams and graphs are just as important. Firefox Reader View somehow understands which images to keep, usually producing the view that I would really like to save. But Evernote's clipper can't save it, due to "browser restrictions," according to a clipper popup. Can this be fixed?
  9. Hi, Lately, I'm not able to type question marks and slashes into the "remarks" box of the Evernote web clipper add-on. Other characters show up when I hit their keys but nothing happens for '?' or '/'. This is on Windows 10, Firefox 59.0.2 This is a bug, but there seems to be no other way to report it.
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