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  1. Yeah, +1 on this one. It would be really useful. Thanks a lot
  2. Is there a way to do that? I did not find it. If not, please implement this feature.?
  3. Please implement a feature that my settings are also synced. I had to reset my computer this year two times and I had to re-think my settings every time. Settings are not synced it seems so. Thanks a lot, kind regards, Peter
  4. Yeah, basically I have a Notebook called "Projects". There are Projects like "Get 5K Subs in 2018". This Project has specific Next Action Items. These Next Action items are in a notebook called "Next Actions". And I need to link the Project to the next action and the next action to the project. If I open a note(doubleclick on a note). It opens the note. However, once the Note is open, I cannot use the STRG+ALT+L Shortcut. The Shortcut didn't work in the past. That's why I opened this thread. However, I tried it right now and it works well. mhm Maybe I made something wrong. I will test it out
  5. Hi, Yes I forgot to mention. I am using the windows client. I can right click on the note and copy an internal link from the pop-up menu. I also see the shortcut this way STRG+SHIFT+L. However, this is not my workflow. If I am inside a note, I would have to search the note outside the main note windows. This way I could apply the STRG+SHIFT+L Shortcut, however, this is an additional step and I would like to keep things as simple as possible. Thank you for mentioning your approach. I tried using tags, however, it did not work out that well for me. Maybe I give it another try some time in the future.
  6. I am using Evernote for my GTD Setup. I link my next actions to my projects. Right now I need to go to the top of the note, click on "note" and from there "copy internal link". Please create a shortcut for "Copy internal link".
  7. +1 Linking notes is a multiple step procedure. In combination with the fact, that I can only open one instance of Evernote, this is a very cumbersome process right now.
  8. I am in as well. This would be so useful. Just right-click and pin note. Easy. I love the list view, the reminder section isn't available there. Reminder Workaround is ok, but a native pin feature would be awesome.
  9. THANK YOU! I searched Evernote Forums how to do that, works pretty good! How could I be using Evernote for about 3 years not knowing about that -.-
  10. Sounds like a useful workaround, but, how do I assign a color to a tag? I will give this a try. Edit: I am a windows user
  11. Thank you for your quick reply! I was thinking about something like this:
  12. Push! This is essential for me. I have a whole notebook for my inbox stuff and I need to have one window with my inbox notebook and then navigate threw my other notebooks to sort things in their appropriate places. I use the GTD method. Please, update this feature
  13. This should not be too hard to add. Please, can you make it possible, that I can color code my notes for better organization. Thank you, Kind Regards
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