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  1. You're welcome Please bear in mind that the app was initially developed during our free time as a candidate for the Evernote Developer Competition, and we're not making any profits out of it. We are however aware that the app has quite a large user base and as we love the functionality it provides and use it ourselves the app is still being developed. We can't constantly keep working on it, but we release updates from time to time via the built-in update feature. For example, we added synchronization support for Dropbox and Google Drive over the past years. We too see the data protection issue in today's internet quite critically and do everything we can to keep your data save; this is also why we decided not to include any ads or adware with our app (even though preventing us from receiving monetary gain). In the past, the app was available via the Evernote Trunk, which was replaced by the Evernote App Center. Our app isn't listed there, but I have already contacted the Evernote developer team regarding our submission to the new App Center.
  2. Actually the app doesn't ask for your username and password. It uses the OAuth authentication mechanism, which requires you to login to the Evernote website using your standard webbrowser. The username and password are not visible to the app.
  3. Hello cbits, I'm one of the developers If you open the Settings window it should display an error message if the last synchronization has failed. Can you tell me the error message? Which operating systems and version of Sticky Notes do you use?
  4. Hello lechelsi, can you tell me which font was causing the problems? For a quick fix please open regedit.exe und navigate to the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\EDO-Soft\Sticky Notes. This is where the application stores the settings. If you just remove everything in this folder (don't remove anything that is not inside the "Sticky Notes" folder!) you should be able to start the app again.
  5. Hello secretnation, this bug is fixed in the current release. Please install the update and check if it works
  6. Hello Michael, did you try this Sticky Notes application? http://evernote.com/trunk/items/stickynotes?lang=en&layout=default&source=desktop_page it only works for windows, but I think it does exactly what you want. cheers!
  7. Hi Rosie, unfortunately, this is not possible. The application always displays all notes and you can't minimize specific notes. You can, however, use the Evernote application to move the notes into another notebook (instead of the Sticky Notes notebook) to remove them from the Sticky Notes app but keep them in your Evernote account. Cheers!
  8. @Rob van Vliet: if you set the system proxy information in windows (that means the IE settings), the app should work.
  9. yes, i'm one of the developers of this app
  10. @gazumped: you can click the sticky notes taskbar button again to minimize it (which should hide the notes).
  11. you could also check out this app: http://www.evernote....ems/stickynotes this app allows you to have multiple colored stickies on your desktop and automatically synchronizes them with your evernote account. works on windows xp and above. here's a demo video: http://hosting.edo-soft.com/stickynotes/
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