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  1. Damn you are a hero. It works perfectly. Will donate now! Get yourself some glasses ;-), this is exactly the problem we are all refering to. See: http://getgui.com/blog/windows/evernote-sticky-notes-error-411-length-required-on-request-activation-link-to-re-authorize-user-account-sync-notes/ for a solution.
  2. I think if they made it donation ware or even $1 or 5-10 dollars they would have made a nice sum by now. But I think it's a dead end now. No contact at all and they pulled everything. Already changed my own workflow, I'm using the web interface for my desktop usage. I miss the convenience of the yellow post-it's, but I can live without.
  3. The program was already working for many people. Only to be hit by an API change and thus returning this error. It turned out Evernote sponsored the creation of that piece of software. If they could obtain the source code the only thing to do would be making the program work again.
  4. Instead of giving the code to the community, they pulled everything down. Too bad. Why doesn't Evernote release something this easy?
  5. Take advantage of a free app for years and then not releasing your own substitute :-P humans... The bug looks rather easy to fix: http://robertgreiner.com/2013/01/the-remote-server-returned-an-error-411-length-required/ too bad they pulled their website and program completely.
  6. They even pulled their website completely. Looks like the original coders don't really want to update their product. Too bad.
  7. And then manually copy it over every time? Lol that's just lame. Unfortunately the domain of the Sticky app also stopped working. Looks like they really quit their product.
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