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  1. Jim, sure... I would also prefer to have that handled properly by EN itself... Btw, you may export a complete notebook or just the ones you want to modify (all of them will be stored in a single .enex file), use the "replace all" feature of your favorite text editor and re-import the full thing again.
  2. I've attached a very basic note showing the problem, just 3 lines where "simplify or remove formatting" won't work for me (using the windows version of evernote). The problem is a global parameter stored in the note itself that can't be changed from the EN GUI. However, it can be removed by manually editing the note source (.enex file); or alternatively one could start a fresh note and paste the content. Line spacing test.enex
  3. Double spacing seems to be caused by a special formatting preset used for note created by the web clipper. Here's a manual hak to remove export the note (right button on the note, Export note ...) using the .enex format (which actually is an xml file) Open the file with your favorite text editor (E.g. Notepad++) Delete " <souce>Clearly</source>" Save the .enex file Import it back into Evernote (File -> Import -> Evernote Export Files ...) the procedure could be automated using Evernote's developper API; but the advantage of this approach is that you don't need any fancy tool, programming skills or give access to your data / account to a 3rd party.
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